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Seven ways Brandon Stewart keeps himself motivated and focused

Becoming an entrepreneur, and a successful one takes more than most might think. It can be stressful
and depressing at times if things don’t go your way. During such times is when you need the motivation to
push on and not to give up. While there are many ways to do so, we are going to look at the ones
Brandon Stewart used.
Stewart is the owner of a seven-figure digital media agency that helps other businesses skyrocket their
returns from ads by turning clicks into cash. He also created Facebook’s Direct Response – SME
Program. Stewart uses The 7 Fundamental Human Needs when facing hardships to stay focused.
Let’s have a look.

Every one of us needs control, personal space, financial security, certainty, and order. Without those
things, it is impossible to maintain your physical and psychological well being, which is vital to succeeding
in business.
To fulfill the subsistence-safety-security need, make a routine to make adequate time for personal time,
family life, and work. Make sure to balance all of them, and you will definitely do well. During your own
time, engage in activities like exercise, sports, and others that promote your physical and mental health.
The good results will be evident in your business.

Understanding and Growth

Human beings are curious in nature. The need to understand how things around us work. The need for
understanding is the whole reason schools exist. We learn something new every day, and with learning
comes growth. Self-growth ultimately leads to self – actualization.
To ensure self – development, make sure you are continually learning to gain mastery of your field of
business. Learn everything there is to learn and build your business to its full potential. If your business is
not growing, it is dying.

Having strong relationships with people around you is essential to living a good life. Whether family or
friends, everyone needs people they can love and who can love them unconditionally.
It is vital that you create time every day to connect with family, friends, or even a book club. Make it a
routine to get a sense of belonging. It can be an excellent way to spend your leisure time.
Contribution and Creation

Running a business requires a lot of creativity and resourcefulness to be successful. That syncs with our
natural need to contribute to the needs of the community and to be creative. It explains why we always
need to be running a project of some kind. Be active with your team at all times to contribute to new ideas
and goals for the efficient running of your business.
Esteem and Identity

As an entrepreneur, many people depend on you to make the right decisions. That can be quite stressful
since every one of the choices you make affects the lives of others directly and indirectly. Everyone needs
to feel respected either from their achievements, recognition, or social status.
Always remind yourself why you do what you do to stay motivated. It is part of your identity.

Self – governance, and Freedom

As mentioned earlier, we humans have the natural desire to be in control and direct our lives. Being an
entrepreneur means you have to be in control of what is going on in the business. To do so, you have to
manage your time, tasks, and be able to adapt to new situations. That is the only way to gain some
freedom and autonomy in your business.
Significance and Purpose

In the words of Ravi Zacharias, “The inner ache of the heart is to find meaning and purpose in life.”
People go to great lengths to find meaning and to find the significance of their lives. The search for one’s
meaning can be a great motivating force in life and business.
Something that most people do not realize is that significance in life is not brought by material
possessions or anything that one might have accomplished. Do not lose your sense of purpose. You do
not have to do everything for money. Do something purposeful. You will live longer and healthier.
Failure to fulfill the needs listed above is a sure way to fail in both life and business. The result is things
like depression, stress, social anxiety, and low self-esteem, which translates to financial problems and the
death of your business. Brandon Stewart’s success is evidence that fulfilling the fundamental human
needs plays a significant role in making one a good entrepreneur.


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