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Serial Entrepreneur, Justin Kimbrough Shares How He’s Become The Successful Man He Is Today

Based out of O’ahu, Hawaii and Dallas, Texas, Justin Kimbrough is a full-time serial entrepreneur who’s dedicated his life to studying and applying the fundamental laws of the universe.

Justin lives his life following the words of various successful individuals such as Napoleon Hill. 

“What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”– Napoleon Hill. Going by this principle, he leads a lifestyle filled with optimism and driven by full control of his every situation.

As an entrepreneur, Justin attributes most of his success in life to the role his mentors have played in his outlook on self-development. The people he looks up to; Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Neville Goddard, Alan Watts, along with the artist RUSS have all played equal parts in molding his mindset into what it has become. 

Being an environmental activist, Justin is a hundred percent vegan. Aside from his passion for the planet being a factor, he also believes that being a vegan is a very healthy path. Justin firmly maintains the belief that getting a person to make the right decisions about what they eat will also help them in making the right decisions about their lives.

Exceptional Talent

At the age of 18, Justin made his first six figures by trading penny stocks with Timothy Skyes. Since then, Justin has gotten in and out of almost every business that you can think of. 

From eCommerce, CBD/hemp, credit repair, private equity, real estate, ATM’s, social media marketing, MLM, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, API programming, app development, and so many more. 

Right now, he is on a journey to help hundreds of people in creating passive income for themselves. Apart from business, Justin also spends time as a professional golfer, a career path that has played a significant role in his life by instilling good habits in him. It is something he advises young kids to take up along the line.

So, How did Justin achieve all of this?

Well, Justin believes that there are a few factors that make a person successful, he shares that elf-discipline, dedication, vision, hustle, patience, and belief in what you are doing are enough to guarantee you success. 

He has done an excellent job grooming himself in the area of self-discipline, and this helps him stand head high above others that give in to distractions.

“Being positive, having faith, spreading love, being disciplined, having integrity, respect, being happy, having the right balance, being generous and knowing at what point it is right to tell business apart from reality, All of these principles have gotten me to where I am today.” – Justin says.


In the course of his journey, Justin has come across many different problems. He has experienced significant losses in his company; there was a time when he didn’t close a single sale for months; this caused him to go into deep frustration. 

Justin was able to get through this by reflecting on his vision, going back to his faith, and putting in the hard work that was needed continuously.

Significant Achievements

As a digital marketer with over three years in the business, Justin believes in building a personal brand. His personal brand embodies his purpose in life; to make people’s lives better by doing whatever it is that he can do to make that possible.

It might be by sharing positivity or spreading kindness. His passion continuously moves him to help people in making their lives the slightest bit better.

Word of Advice

Being part of something that you are interested in is the best advice Justin believes one can give to any young person out there. Here are words from Justin himself on achieving success with your passion;

“This is anyone looking for ways to monetize what they are passionate about: make constant efforts daily to better yourself and your craft, you have to remember that self-development is crucial. You should also find a mentor to look up to and help guide you in difficult periods. 

Apart from all this, apply self-discipline in anything you do and watch yourself shoot for the stars.”

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