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Serial Entrepreneur Jai Sharma Helps Businesses To Scale Up Rapidly

When the odds are against us and products were crumbling in the market and crashing companies, I stepped up, changed marketing approaches and made that same apps bestseller within a week”, says Serial Entrepreneur Jai Sharma.

Jai Sharma is also known as one of the top software sellers in the marketing circle, with a record of producing over 24, six-figure flash sale campaigns. His projects witnessed $100K revenue in less than seven days on every single project. As we see, online marketing is growing rapidly day by day, and the right keywords with techniques only win the game. His techniques and strategies are being followed across top MNCs.

He believes that marketing is not just about trying to reach the customer via mail, message, or other means but the way you interact and engage with your prospect, and the crux of turning them into sales lies deep in marketing at a psychological level. Only a few very marketers around the world use deep psychology in marketing, and Jai’s innovative strategy has earned him the nickname Chanakya of marketing.

Jai Sharma is well known for turning many struggling start-ups from 0 to multi-million dollar brands with his techniques and strategies. He has trained and helped over one 124,000 businesses worldwide; he is passionate about using new technologies to boost sales for the entrepreneurs community worldwide. Through his work, he’s empowered over 50,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe to achieve their desired goals and success.

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