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Saurabh Suman : The Self Determined Social worker

With the changing time and vast evolution that the world is seeing currently because of the pandemic, the social development turn out to be more important.

It became necessary for Social work sector to start with the newer innovations and advancements in the process. Since we all know that positive change plays vital role in social development and it is also essential to go along with the flow and bring about the revolutions. Once such young extraordinary mind who is determined to dip his hands in this deep ocean of social development is Saurabh Suman.

Social Worker by profession and by passion- that is what defines Saurabh Suman. He was born on 12 January 1993, his father’s name is Mr. Manoj Kumar, Mother’s name is Mrs. Aradhana and sister’s name is Ms. Shruti Kiran. He has done his Bachelors and Masters in Social Work discipline. During his scholastics, he has accomplished his field work in a few regions like children, women, older and so on. He has worked for vulnerable groups that face discernment and need protection include Women, Children, Elderly, Especially abled and so on from recent years. He has done his internship in various NGOs and supported the marginalised section of the society. He is consistently supporting all the destitute ones and extensively contributing towards social purposes.

In this challenging sector Saurabh is investing his skills in the upliftment of the weaker section of the society. He tries to remove the barriers from the vulnerable groups of the community so that all the people can journey towards their dreams with confidence and dignity. He is enabling people so that they can move forward on their path to self-sufficiency.

Suman Saurabh believes that everyone has the right to grow, develop their own skills and contribute to their families and communities in a meaningful way. So, he is continuously supporting people to be healthy, well educated and trained to enter the workforce as this will help them to make a decent wage.
This will also lead to better equipped to meet their basic needs and be successful and through these things their families will also do well and the whole society will be benefited.

Saurabh has pursued this career in his early stage of his life, and he is continuously trying to bring a change for the needy ones in the society. This inspiring journey is a good example for a person who is looking to do betterment for the society and has decided to dedicate his life in supporting the weaker section of the overall population.

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