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Sam Adams- An Up And Coming Entrepreneur Out Of Quarantine

With the growing trend and technology, we see entrepreneurship has become the need of the hour. Amongst them, trading of goods and services has become not only interest but also a demand of the market. One of the such up and coming Traders and Network Marketers is Sam Adams dealing specifically with the foreign exchange and crypto markets. Sam Adams is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who is striving to impact, educate, and inspire people on a global scale. Adams comes from the Mid-West city of Indianapolis.

The only impossible journey is the journey you never begin. Sam took the crucial steps to achieve all his dreams. His journey kick-started by investing in education on e-commerce drop shipping. Bouncing around from affiliate marketing in the CBD and Fitness industries he then got a chance to network with various individuals through which he began his education on trading in these volatile markets. Tim Sykes, a stock trader who familiarized Sam with the trading was where it all started. This lead to learning more about the forex and crypto markets. Sensing the potential in making money in both of these markets from the very first day Sam says, “It was a no brainer and I never looked back. My life has forever changed.”

There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, the will to execute them always pays off well. Sam has partnered with #1 home-based business of 2020 to show people how to create multiple streams of income from their phone. The company has built a customer base of over 300,000 customers in over 20 different countries. IM Mastery Academy, one of the largest trading educational platforms in the industry, includes a platform that teaches people on a global scale how to trade on the foreign exchange and crypto markets. Within the company, Sam helps to lead a massive organization called The Walking ATMS which stands for “Activities That Matter”. Their vision is to “Impact the lives of 10,000 people and to create 20 six-figure earners by the end of 2020.”

“Nothing worth it in life comes easy”, Sam remarked. He always looks at the bigger picture and knows what to do when there is high risk. Sam talks about how he understands he is physically in the present, but always puts himself mentally and spiritually in the future. In doing so he keeps his vision strong for the life he is meant to live.

With the clear idea about his business in mind, he says, “My family is the biggest reason for going as hard as I do. I want them to live the life they truly deserve. I want my parents to eliminate their stress and get rewarded for the amazing life they sacrificed to build for my siblings and I.
“When I have a bad day or feel unmotivated, I think of my family and know I can’t afford to take a day off from building my dreams.”
-Sam Adams

Great things are achieved by a group of people committed to a goal. Sam tends to work with like-minded individuals whom he calls a team and not his subordinates. He is currently leading a personal organization of over 300+ people in which was built in roughly 12 months.“They are more than a team, I can truly call them my family”, Sam stated. The reason for Sam choosing this business is, he always wanted to help people and teach financial literacy.

“We live in a digital era where making money from your phone has never been easier. Creating your dream lifestyle and turning it into reality has never been more achievable than it is today. Anyone is capable of changing their life for the better as I and thousands of others have through this company.” -Sam Adams

Sam prefers networking to find new opportunities. “In this day and age it’s all about who you know and how much harder you’re willing to go than the person next to you”, he stated.
Successful individuals have an extremely clear vision of where they are going. He plans to have an organization of 75,000+ people globally. Five years down the line, he envisions his name to appear in Forbes 30 under 30.

Adams gives the advice to truly vision what you want in life. Forget what anyone has told you. No life worth living is achievable without taking a risk. He challenges individuals to take a leap of faith in which they never though they’d take.

Sam’s Social Media Links :

IG: @thesamadams_
Twitter: @samadams2021
Facebook: @sam.adams.739

YouTube: @SamAdams

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