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Saint Nikole American Singer Is Next Up


Saint Nikole born November 24, 1995 is an American singer/songwriter and model. Born in northern Maryland, she spent early childhood brought up by her grandmother who was also a musician. She was the apple of her grandmothers eye, who started teaching her to play the piano by sound and memorization at age 2. She was a ballerina from the time she could walk, age 2 and on. Her talent was first discovered in dance, being asked at just 7 to join Baltimore Dance Ensemble. The age to audition at the time had been 9 years, making her the youngest one. After her grandmothers passing, she went to live with her mother and father briefly only to be removed and put into the foster care system. She admits this is when her passion for music grew to a deeper level, remembering locking herself in her room listening to her Avril Lavigne CDs for hours through her headphones. She thinks that music might have been the only thing that got her through her adolescence. Her love for music grew, and she began writing her own releasing her first single in 2021 “I Can’t Sleep”.


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