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Sahil Sachdeva – Famous Singer & Entrepreneur is Now on Celebyte

Make your loved ones’ event memorable with Sahil Sachdeva.

All of us want the unique occasions of our loved ones to be memorable and perfect. But we never think about the favourite celebrities wishing on a momentous day considering it would just be a daydream that would never come true. Envisage your favourite Singer Sahil Sachdeva popping up on your phone, wishing you a Happy Birthday, or a congratulatory video message for your friend recorded by none other than his or her favourite celebrity, Sahil. Well, this can now be a reality with Celebyte.

Sahil Sachdeva, Founder & CEO of Level Up Clout, has been taking some time for his fans on social media. This captivating man is an amazing singer, actor and serial entrepreneur. With numerous hats that he wears, Sahil has also been awarded the Best Performer Award at Singing Star Season 2, CEN, Singapore. Sahil also got featured in the TV show Subcontinent Icon 2k19, Asia’s first-ever cultural reality show with Priyank Sharma as a judge. His achievements are endless, and his massive fandom has no bounds!

The young gentleman is a heartthrob among the growing millennials and has been catching some attention with his latest venture group, Level Up. He has managed to make a fan’s Mothers day special through Celebyte, an online platform that connects fans to their favourite celebrities and provides fans to engage with their idols over text message, video message or video call for a price, of course.

Dial Your Favourite, Sahil Sachdeva
What would have been a rather staid stay-at-home affair is now a lit up event when video requests turn up in the fan’s inbox. One such review from a fan was, “It was a 5 minutes long video call, but it was enough to lift my loved one’s mood. She is the biggest fan of Sahil Sachdeva, and it is an event she will always remember for life now.”

Beyond Birthdays
A simple human connection and communication from someone you aspire gives you the motivation and aspiration to achieve things in life. On the Celebyte platform, fans can choose from a host of options like live video calls, pre-recorded video messages, or a text message. There have been requests for messages for various different reasons like to motivate employees, bring hope to someone tackling an illness, wishing on birthdays and special events, giving tips to a budding entrepreneur/singer, and so on.

Kickbacks Of Being in Celebyte
Sahil shares his reason to join Celebyte, “I can be part of special moments, family celebrations, breaking all sorts of barriers. In this way, I feel I can give back some of the love I receive. And the requests have been so varied, it’s heart-warming – from wishing a supermom on Mother’s day to so many unique scenarios. There is no better peaceful sleep than on those days when I can give back to my dear community of aspiring fans.”


You could stay in touch with Sahil Sachdeva and make the life events of your loved ones an entourage. Book from Celebyte now.


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