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Sahiba Dayal : The perfect Anchor for your events

“An Artist knows he or she has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Anchoring industry is the one whose design is to instruct by moving the passions, for it must always have a heroine, a personage apparently and incontestably superior than the rest and Sahiba Dayal stands amongst The perfect epitome Of This.
This Exuberant Young Lady of 24 Has herself made a Mark in The industry With Her exceptional Anchoring Prudence.One could Witness An indefatigable Diligence In Her Performance!!

One being asked what popped the idea of becoming an Emcee in her head , she says she still remembers the day when she was in school and her mother casually asked her what she wanted to be in future. When most of us are usually dicey and uncertain about answering such a question, she was the one who knew that the mind is always enamoured of its own productions and was sure that whatever profession she Will undertake, It would be free of Constraints and restrictions. Though becoming an artist was still beyond something she could have imagined. So a step out into events as manpower during her graduation days only to make extra pocket money, she found work of an anchor really intriguing as it could cater her passion of being on stage.Since that decision their has been no looking back for her .Afterall, Why to Seclude yourself when You are Born With wings to soar High!

At times she even consulted her friends and listened with great willingness to criticism each time she anchored her college events but what was of more importance was she consulted herself and let nothing pass against her own judgement.And that is the reason Today she holds a place In the prestigious columns, all due to her perpetual practice and headstrong tenacity. Sahiba was of the Thought that ” Why to be content with mediocrity when excellence could be attained”!. Being an Extrovert, she never shied away from meeting new people, which she says helped her as a skillset to be able to form an unmatched connection with her audience !  All she wanted was a diversified, life.Stage, camera, lights, and sound has influenced Sahiba since her early days.She started gaining the limelight from her college, where she used to anchor many events, fests, and other occasions. Loaded with compliments, she got to Notice How The readiness to speak on stage had in her mind a systematic arrangement as the Words Were ready at her call.She could Amplify,decorate, rectify and refine unconsciously!! Wow! The excellence of Any Art is its intensity:capable of making all disagreeables evaporate Sahiba Made the stage all Hers.As if DESTINY Has fabricated her To Make Her career in anchoring.

With over five years of experience as a full-fledged emcee, Sahiba now regularly hosts shows not only in Delhi but also in other places. She has hosted reputed TV shows like Crime Files (Zee Hindustan) and Udaan Kamyaabi ki (India News.)Being invited as the guest of honor at World Aids Day, 2019, organized by NSPR (Delhi) and Dandiya Utsav, Meerut, have been some additional highlights of her career. She was also the celebrity guest at Shining Star Beauty Awards Mr. and Mrs. UP,2020 (Moradabad).
Her strong urge to cater to her passion propelled her to Take Anchoring as a full time profession in 2015.She is a Bombarding package of fun, Charisma, Elegance, Modesty,Humour And what not!. “How superior Humour is to wit in Enjoyment” Sahiba Added. Many people crib that they judge that life is not worth living, few Exist who themselves Can create A Reason for Living.

” You just need To Find The Trigger, that only is the most indispensable elements of Living The Life” – Sahiba said.
She has undergone multiple Vicissitudes in life as living naturally is not way too easy but she was steadfast in facing every hurdle with a headstrong Vigour.Every circumstance good or bad has added on to her experience. She created a foundation for herself and evolved over time.Her patterns, her moves, rhythms experiences and knowledge became the inherited bases for her improvement and motivation as An anchor And that makes her indistinguishable from the rest Of The crowd.

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