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Sachin Saraiya is a competent marketing expert & an Entrepreneur- shaping effective solutions to Bollywood celebrities and Filmmakers.

Sachin Saraiya

As we see how digital marketing is booming in the current market, we see more and more businesses taking a plunge into this domain to prosper their brand in the market. Similar is the story of celebrities particularly from the glamour world and Bollywood. They need to keep in touch with their fans and followers. However, there are experts in the market who deal with celebrity management and help them in prospering them on social media sites. The popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has given the celebrities to use it to stay connected with the world.

Sachin Saraiya : Co-founder “JSDigital

This is where we have competent digital marketer and online celebrity manager comes into the scene. Sachin Saraiya was born and brought up in Mumbai and thus very well understands how the glamour world works. Sachin Saraiya has developed a good network inside the industry creating a good rapport with them with his digital marketing company JS Media which he has formed with his elder brother Jay Saraiya.  With his exceptional talent, he was able to win many clients within and outside the Bollywood Industry and even overseas.

Sachin Saraiya

So, far the duo has dealt with more than 50 films including the bigger ones like Zindagi tumse , Mary, and more than 25-30 Tollywood movies. His digital marketing and PR firm JSDigital has bagged few awards for his exceptional work. He knows the art of driving things on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. Sachin Saraiya is equally good in managing the social media handles of Bollywood celebrities. He has helped many to prosper on the web gaining more and more fans. This way, he his journey in social media has been incredible and so is the case with online celebrity management and digital marketing.

About In-Short Sachin Saraiya :

Sachin Saraiya

Sachin Saraiya (Born 17th February 1999) a young ardent who has unfolded his talent in every aspect of social media marketing. The co-founder of JSDigital and Media Manager for various Celebrities from the Bollywood. Leading as a Social Media Manager & Strategist since 2013, Sachin Saraiya has made it to the headlines at Mid-Day for handling more than 150 clients and has also promoted various films from the Bollywood with Jay Saraiya & team JSDigital. Specializing in YouTube Marketing, Sachin Saraiya & JSDigital have their clientele nationwide & overseas.

We wish him all the very best for his future ventures.

Entrepreneur, media junkie and most importantly a creative enthusiast who is always hungry for more. Writing, editing and expressing in words is an art that comes naturally. Editor in chief : Okbronetwork.

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