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Success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it – Sachin Kohli the owner and founder of K Rebound Health Club is a living example of this.

Sachin Kohli started young. He stepped into this field during his teenage years and never looked back. He was a minimum wage employee when he started, his earning was 20 rupees per hour. The work was tough and didn’t do justice to his talent and skills.

However, nothing ever stopped him from being a hard worker and giving his best. He never let anything discourage him, he just looked at his goals at the mountaintop and kept scaling no matter how steep the slope was.

He rose above everyone’s expectations, and achieved what many don’t, even in their wildest dreams.

He didn’t have any Godfather who’d open all roads for him, Sachin Kohli is a self made man who forged his way and fought his own battles.

The success that Kohli has achieved is unmatched and very inspirational. He has been able to accomplish all this due to his hard work and his love for all things fitness. He wasn’t pressured into choosing a career, he had his free will and he chose something that he loved.

His Gym Chain – K Rebound Health Club – has branches all over Delhi and is set to grow further. His gyms have helped countless people get in shape and start their journey towards a healthier and fit lifestyle. The passion that Kohli has for gymming and fitness is apparent in his results.

It is sachin Kohli’s dedication towards his work that has placed numerous feathers on his cap. After braving stormy seas and not losing hope, today, he is the owner of Muscle Masters, K Rebound Health Club and many other brands.

Kohli is also the owner of India’s biggest collection of refurbished and used gym equipment.

He is internationally certified in Sports Nutrition, CPR, Pharmacology & Medicine, and Exercise programming & Fitness science.

Furthermore, he has special certifications in training skills for LUTCF, SPIN, Advance Facilitation Skills Training and Advance Certification on Adult learning principles.

Sachin Kohli plans on expanding his horizons and opening more branches of his gym – K Rebound Health Club. He also plans on giving out franchises for Muscle Masters.

He journals his journey on social media, to get to know him and his journey more, you can find him on Instagram @sachinkohli9

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