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How to Use Your Story to Create Unforgettable Brands with Sabah Ali

It feels good meeting young enthusiastic people like Sabah Ali. She is a passionate, outspoken young lady.  You can think that she was outspoken since the beginning. That is, however, not the case for Sabah. Becoming a public figure was a significant paradigm shift. She was born a high degree introvert who was always shy, even speaking to a few people. How then has she made it to top shows like TEDx twice? You may ask yourself this and other questions about Sabah, but herein I have ensured I leave you with no more questions.


As I interviewed Sabah, she told me that she doesn’t believe in luck. Wasn’t she already lucky? Does it mean that becoming an Amazon Best Seller Author at her early twenties had no luck involved? She admits that everything she has done to date is a result of what she does daily. ‘Luck’ is but only an illusion that people put on major success stories, the real secret to every ‘lucky’ person is the hard work and consistent seeking of new opportunities,’ she adds.


Everyone Has a Story


Ali, who is currently among the best storyteller in her age, explains how at 15 she lost her mother. She later entered a relationship that seemed not to work out. While in that situation, she realized that she could use her own story to inaugurate what was then to become a significant platform for changing lives; TheSabahAli. In a few years, Ali had made her way to the TEDx stage twice!


Ali was on the TEDx, narrating her story to millions twice. Her mission to educate people was now on full throttle. Apart from TEDx, she has been to many other red-carpet shows propelling her talent of changing lives. She loves sharing with her audience on how she has trained her mind to adjust and solve problems.


Pushing to the Max


I have always heard people talk about getting out of your comfort zone. However, Sabah said, ‘going far out of your comfort zone.’ She added that not only getting out of the bubble but staying far away from it. She narrates how she had to gather her wits and bits and get the courage to gain confidence. She can now have Facebook live videos, go on live TV, and speak on stages as she shares her story.


She reminds me of the story, three feet from gold. That keeps her moving whenever she thinks of giving up. As successful as she is, she agrees that success achieved after ups and downs is the sweetest. ‘Whenever you feel like quitting always think about WHY you started, you are so close. Don’t give up.’ Sabah says as she describes how worth it is when you persevere.


Building A Brand


No one forgets an excellent brand. Sabah highlights how elementary it is starting an online business. She says that building a brand is the most challenging process. Many people work hard on the company forgetting that building a brand is quintessential to make sales. Building a business without a brand is like getting big PA systems to reach out to ten people only. When you have no brand, no one listens to what you are saying. Ali says that to ensure your business survives even through fire; you should build a strong brand.


Sabah saw that many entrepreneurs did not know about branding. She, in that regard, created a community called ‘Unforgettable Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs Community.’ It is so far the best place for people who want to build their influence and income. It ensures that it helps them get an unforgettable legacy. From the community, she has received encouraging feedback on how worthy the group has been. In feedback, a client says that it was the education taught therein that helped him recognize his potential and meet his goals.


Wrap Up  


Above all, she mentions how good it is to stay focused and always reflect on your journey. Where you began, where you are, and where you ought to be in a few years. Sharing your story helps you build a brand by interacting on a personal level with them. 

Creating goals not only motivates you but gives you a reason to raise early in the morning. In business, it is all about collaborating with others to keep flying. ‘No one has built an empire on their own’ she concludes.




Sergio Centeno is a PR Expert that helps brands establish credibility and create brand awareness. He specializes in helping brands get recognized by prestigious publications and featured on major news outlets. He’s worked with influencers with 100K+ followers and a few clients worth over $100M. Sergio is known for helping brands get more clout!

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