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S2,E23 Beyond Beauty Is Disrupting The BioCosmetics, Stem Cell And Regenerative Industry With Dr. O

Dr. Ifeoma (Iffie) Okoronkwo, is a Regenerative Medicine and Biocosmetics doctor who recently launched her new practice Beyond Beauty by Dr. O in New York City. After receiving her bachelor of arts degree from Yale University and medical degree from Cornell University Medical College, Dr. O specialized in Sports Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine. With a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics and her knowledge of regenerative therapies, Dr. O has been able to achieve a unique approach to beauty in which her goal is to turn back the clock of aging as naturally as possible. She does this by rejuvenating and re-sculpting the face, resurfacing the skin using the same techniques used in regenerative pain management therapy to help her patients look and feel like their younger selves.

What if we could “trick” the body into revving up its ability to create new tissue, and create volume in the face, fill in deep wrinkles, and resurface the skin without synthetic fillers. Dr. O, as she is fondly known, does this by combining regenerative medicine techniques and principles used in stem cell tissue healing and growth proteins, to achieve safe, effective and minimally invasive procedures to give you the same results, lasts longer and it’s natural!

Most women and men from the ages of 25 and older are wanting to maximize their look and minimize the aging affects. Dr. O is turning back the clock of aging for her patients as naturally as possible creating a younger refreshed version of themselves. Her goal is to redirect her patients’ focus from striving to look like someone else to being the best versions of themselves.

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