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S2, E36 Liana Zavo Shares Five Barriers That Stop Entrepreneurs From Starting Their Business #leader

If you are an entrepreneur you gotta hear this!!!

5 barriers that stop entrepreneurs from starting a business

I heard this at a training but ill add my own twist to it

Who am I to share this? Because they say who am I to share this. This is like grade A imposter syndrome like who am I? My response to that is who are you not to share the thing that you know? Who are you not to talk about what you are passionate about? Why Not You?
Number two that is stopping people is what if I get found out? So often times we love comfort zones so people will say the more I talk about something and the more I position myself as an authority or a professional people are bound to say, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and we live in this fear of getting discovered that we’re not who we aspire to be. The only person who will stop you from doing the thing that you wanna do, the only person who has the power is you. So we can look out and say oh I’m gonna get discovered, what are they going to discover that you don’t know about yourself? Call yourself out for your own weaknesses, call yourself out for the stuff that you don’t know. I’ll be the first to say these ideas ain’t mine, but I am going to share them with you which actually leads me to point number 3
People don’t start their business or become an entrepreneur because they say it’s all been done before. I know that there was a time in my business like that when I said how can I talk about personal branding? How can I talk about public relations and building a brand or marketing a business? And you wanna know what? And you wanna know what there are three M’s that empower you to stick out, so even if, M number one, the message is the same right? So even though I am saying the same thing that somebody else had taught us in class yesterday, the message is the same but the messenger is different. You might wanna hear something from somebody else, we could be saying the same thing as somebody else but you as a messenger are different than your message. Here’s a third M, is the medium. How are you sharing this content? like I’m creating a video right now, but I could be doing a podcast, a blog post, I could be doing an Instagram post.
So here’s the thing, even if you are here and you’re talking about something that has been spoken about since the dawn of the ages, let me tell you something ladies, the message could be the same but the messenger could be entirely different and the medium in which we are sharing it!! Boom That’s right—-

This is reason number 4 why somebody won’t start a business, what will people think of me? And you wanna know what I say to that? Somebody’s else’s opinions of me don’t pay my bills. People’s likes on my photos they don’t pay my bill’s, happy clients do. I do not care what people think of me, my decisions or my business. The only people I am beholden to or I care is, who can I serve so extraordinary that they love what I provide for them, and they continue on coming back. And anybody else who does not fall into that category, I cannot bare the weight of their opinions because it just doesn’t matter. Does it hurt my feelings? Yes. Do I want you to like me? Yes Do I care if you do? No

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Liana Zavo a millennial expert and public relations strategist specializing in personal branding for the past seven years working in media and marketing. She has been dedicated to actively build personal brands from the ground up. Liana is the founder and CEO of her full service media company, ZavoMedia serving entrepreneurs, experts and authors. As a full service media company, ZavoMedia specializes in digital marketing, public relations, google ads, personal branding, and in developing influencer marketing campaigns to jumpstart emerging brands. Liana‘s mission is to target the right demographic for small brands by placing them on her groundbreaking podcast, What Makes A Woman. A successful platform for entrepreneurs to network and serve as mentors. Her massive platform consist of empowered women, who challenge the status quote, teach the next generation how to run successful startups and spotlighting groundbreaking entrepreneurs on her weekly show. Since, launching her mega platform last year, there are 20,000 downloads with 5,200 subscribers supporting the show on all major platforms.

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