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S1, E10 Rebecca Black’s Unstoppable Drive and Building a Brand from the Ground Up #convoswithliana

With nothing more than passion, a blowdryer, pair of shears and a dream, Rebecca is incredibly proud to have created a tribe of people and products that have helped tens of thousands households.
As a Stylist turned salon owner & Co-founder of Keep Me Safe Worldwide, and an audience in 46 states, she helps people just like you transform your hair, life and even your salon business and back it up with meaningful action designed to create results.
As she built her salon and clientele up, Rebecca realized that her entrepreneur spirit was screaming at her to create products and to show others how to look good to feel better….and it was then that she realized that sh doesn’t fit into one box and probably never will.

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Liana Zavo a millennial expert and public relations strategist specializing in personal branding for the past seven years working in media and marketing. She has been dedicated to actively build personal brands from the ground up. Liana is the founder and CEO of her full service media company, ZavoMedia serving entrepreneurs, experts and authors. As a full service media company, ZavoMedia specializes in digital marketing, public relations, google ads, personal branding, and in developing influencer marketing campaigns to jumpstart emerging brands. Liana‘s mission is to target the right demographic for small brands by placing them on her groundbreaking podcast, What Makes A Woman. A successful platform for entrepreneurs to network and serve as mentors. Her massive platform consist of empowered women, who challenge the status quote, teach the next generation how to run successful startups and spotlighting groundbreaking entrepreneurs on her weekly show. Since, launching her mega platform last year, there are 20,000 downloads with 5,200 subscribers supporting the show on all major platforms.

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