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Rron Rizvanolli, The Teenager From Kosovo Changing Hundreds Of Coaches Lives

Rron is an eighteen-year-old marketer and coach, who is the founder of Rizvanolli Consulting (6-figure consulting agency).

He comes from a middle-class family raised in a tiny apartment in Gjakovë, Kosovo. His parents wanted him to become an engineer but he always had a passion for entrepreneurship and online marketing. That’s why he started Rizvanolli Consulting, a company that helps coaches and consultants to start and grow their online businesses using strategic marketing. Rron creates systems for his clients to grow their online businesses but also having freedom in their lives.

Now it wasn’t an overnight success for Rron, he had many disadvantages along his way, coming from a third world country he didn’t have any financial advantage over anyone, he had to start his journey alone from scratch and work his way up the ladder. He started getting paid clients only after 7 months, his beginning was very hard because he was only sixteen years- old when he started and people didn’t believe in his abilities, but also he was too young to be seen as a real deal. That’s why he worked 7 months for free for a lot of coaches and provided a lot of results for them. Then after gaining the trust and having credibility on his side his business started to bloom and he managed to gain amazing results for himself and his clients too, he recently shared that he has helped over 200 people turn their passion into their main incomeRizvanolli Consulting

Rron is now continuing to grow his business and hundreds of other coaches and consultants businesses, and he isn’t stopping anytime soon, he says that this is only the beginning because his goal is to become the best in the world.

But Rron knows that to become the best he has to help his clients to become the best too. That’s why he always says “it’s not how much money you make for yourself, it’s how much money you make for your clients. And as far as Rizvanolli Consulting goes, in our minds and hearts the only thing that matters is giving real value to our clients”

And if any one who is reading this and want to work with Rron and take your coaching or consulting business to the next level you can contact him on his Instagram, Facebook, or his website. This detalis are mentioned below.

Instagram: @rronrizvanolli (
Facebook: @Rron Rizvanolli (
Website: Rizvanolli Consulting (

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