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Rich, Royal and Regal – Nitara Dhanraj Label

Nitara Dhanraj

Rich, Royal and Regal is what defines Luxe Pret and Couture label, Nitara Dhanraj label.

Founded by Nitara Dhanraj, a brand which believes in beautifying in a world of art which exemplifies intricate and meticulous handwork in wide range of colours and silhouettes never seen before.

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Nitara Dhanraj started her fashion career in 2009. The brand is the labour of love with threads of varying colours, textures, embellishments, the artisans and their immaculate craft who revive the magic of age-old traditional techniques and craft into modish contemporary designs. With splashing bright, neon and pastel colours, bringing an unique and elegant experience never seen before, this brand is all set to add to your style quotient, which will help you stand out of the mass.

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Check out her collection which is surely going to make you fall in love with her piece of work and the innate sense of aesthetic panache with sheer meticulousness is bound to startle you.

Their upcoming festive and wedding collection, “Satrang”,which highlights the three R’s: Rich, Royal and Regal. The three R’s brings to life the hues and blues to the seven colors. Rich because of the colours and hues used, which are bright and stylish.

The designs of this collection are called ‘Royal’ because of the grand style and embellishments which are larger than life spirit in you. All the designs are also called ‘Regal’ because they keep you grounded to your roots thereby showing the humble nature within oneself.

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Isn’t this amazing?

If you look closely through their collection, you can notice the unique fabrics, textures , details and embroideries create a fusion of traditionalism and modernity. Her designs reveal the immense possibilities of creating something new, unique and limitless that is all your own. The overall style is instinctive, simple, pure ,classic and yet trend specific, taking life and human emotions as the biggest of inspiration.

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The design ideas range from everyday spaces to a dreamy escapes where she reinterprets the classics with innovative experimentation of Indian embroideries to create a powerful aesthetic statement across ages.

So what are you waiting for now? Check out all the collection and find the perfect fit for yourself. Also, it is highly recommended to stay updated on her social media handles to know about the upcoming launches and the best of offers curated to get your favourites at the best price possible.

Have a great day. Cheers!

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