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Revealing The Journey Of Famous Memer ft. Vishal Kaushik

Vishal Kaushik

There was a time when people had very few options to choose their career. Today is the time when you can make your hobby or favourite thing as your career. In today’s digital age, there are many career options that help youth gives freedom to work as a per choice. One such new field that has emerged as a career option is called Memer or Meme creator. A word meme is a short form of the word mimeme. It means the original meme that was told by Richard, but Internet Memes has a different opinion. An Internet meme is an idea, media activity that is used by one person for mimicry and humorous purpose for another person, place or architecture. Followers, like and share on social media are the most panacea weapon to grow and make active fans. ‘Meme’ These can be made on any person, object, place. You have also seen Internet funny animal memes, politician memes or many other types of emotional, funny, and inspirational meme. It has been used on the Internet for a few years and is the most popular today, in such a situation, we all feel that like Internet terms it is also a completely new term. But that’s not all, Meme was first used in 1976. Richard Dawkins’s book The Selfish Gene was published in 1976, and he was born with the word, ‘Meme, ‘ and was first used in the same book. A word meme is a short form of the word meme. Which means. When we are scrolling or watching something on the internet or social media, we often see some funny posts on our scroll feed that entertain us quite a lot. These are commonly called a mimeme. Today, we are one such young veteran talking about one such young memer Vishal Kaushik who is quite famous as a memer or Content Creators. Vishal Kaushik was born on 27 September 2002 in Karauli, Rajasthan. Kaushik is a student of the medical first year, he is very fond of reading, eating and riding. His story begins in 2017. This is the time when Kaushik heard about memes from his brother. After this, he did a lot of research and learned how to make memes. In 2020 Kaushik started his meme page and Today, he is the creator of four very well known meme pages Kaushik says that he likes to make people laugh a lot, and that makes him feel proud, Kaushik says that when his Meme pages went viral, he had a lot of negative comments, but there are some good comments too which are the reason for his motivation.

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