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Redefining Elegance with Simar K Makeovers

Makeup creates wonder. It builds personas that boost a person’s poise. In fact, it is an art form that requires utmost sincerity to create an artsy appearance that soothes, shimmers, and shines.

“Elegance is a statement, an attitude. Elegant women are women of character with confidence.”

It would be an understatement to say that makeup makes a person look unauthentic. This very idea is flawed. Perhaps makeup is something that elevates your beauty if done the right way. Makeup is not beauty; rather, it enhances your beauty just the way you desire. It is not to camouflage but counter the weakening notion imposed on you. The right cosmetics and products, and of course, the right MUA will add to your coolness.

The makeup talk will be incomplete without a word about Simar K . Well, she is an emerging makeup artist, educator, and influencer. Simar wins every person who comes to her. She says that her ultimate goal is her client’s satisfaction. For that matter, she makes sure to create each look with utmost love and care.
Simar K is that key to your elevated elegance that opens your door to a myriad that will never make you look back. Be it subtle or bold, Simar is the person to contact. Her notion of style, subtlety, originality has redefined elegance with the purest of intentions. Furthermore, her big bridal series ‘Inaayat’ is like a boon for students who haven’t studied single formulae. This is something that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Subtlety with Simar


The beauty standards that our society feeds us are very flawed. Perhaps, the idea is just too subjective to objectify it with mere words. People often term makeup to be overpowering or bold. Even though there is nothing wrong with having a gorgeous look, sometimes it just doesn’t fit in. Perhaps, your mind just roams around the quote “simpler the better.” There is something alluring about the subtlety that Simar brings in with her artistic hands, that you can’t help but take a moment to praise. A look that boosts your aura with utmost minimalism. The simpler and subtler hues just rejuvenate your features seamlessly as it blends with your skin.

Originally ‘The Simar K’

The concept of copying the looks of core makeup artists is not a new thing. Perhaps, the people who lack originality and confidence often attempt to steal what they do not have. But, Simar K is like the person who creates her own art form. She is an artist, an artist who has her weapons and wings within herself. She loves trying. The way she blends different hues together will fail not to astonish you.

Introducing ‘INAAYAT’

Inaayat means grace. A look that is creative yet graceful to its core. It adds a kind of esteem to your look that soothes and stuns the eyes. We have our hopes attached to our wedding day. A wedding where we wish to give all our might into our look. Because it is a look that will be with us for the rest of our life. Through her bridal series INAAYAT, Simar K has attempted to lace her brides with utmost gracefulness. While unveiling her Inaayat Special bride, she said that it was a look that was kept clean, elegant, and natural to suit the Bride’s personality. Indeed it was no drama and just class. A classy look that would be as beautiful in real life as in your dream.

Apart from the grace and class, Simar adds a personal touch that is different and unique for each Bride. She adds her flattering mix and matches to create INAAYAT.

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