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From Building A Business Doing $ 3M A Year In Its First 2 Years To Growing Past $ 10M A Year. Here Is How Real Business Owners Kale Goodman And Trevor Cowley Can Help You At Almost Any Level

Have you ever dreamt of starting a business? Or maybe you went through everything to set up a company and are now wondering what’s holding you back from growing. Starting, growing, and managing a business is a living nightmare to lots of people. You are probably afraid to navigate this industry because of the uncertainties that lie ahead. 

Fear is the name of the curtain that is limiting you from pursuing your business career. But, this is not the case with Kale Goodman or even Trevor Cowley. According to these business owners, nothing should stop you from growing a business you desire and get those dollars trickling into your bank account. They assist you in turning your dreams into reality by helping you with various aspects of your business. These include accounting services, business consulting, and funding services.

The two real business owners have made it their passion to offer entrepreneurs with real business solutions to help them scale and dominate their respective industries. With their help, you can make a real impact on your business.

Kale Goodman and Trevor Cowley

Goodman and Trevor have quite eventful pasts. They both rose from backgrounds that didn’t make it any easier for them to grow, let alone become successful. Goodman, for instance, had his first child during his high school days, which led him to drop out of school. To survive, Goodman had to look for work, so he ended up being a salesperson. He wanted to be financially stable, not only for himself but also for the family. At 23 years old, in the basement of his house, he started his own business which skyrocketed within two years, and with a revenue of $3 million. Goodman has vast knowledge in a variety of niches, including entrepreneurship, tax planning, investing, and credit funding and also personal growth. 

As for Trevor, he became a heroin addict at the age of 19. He, however, quit the bad habit at 23 years. He then jumped into the business world after cleaning his system. Trevor is known to be a believer and not a fan of excuses. He’s not a fan of excuses because he grew up poor, did terrible in school and overcame addiction to end up where he is today. In his own words, “If I can do it without a silver spoon and the odds stacked against me, so can anyone else”. Trevor and Goodman became friends and formed solid partnerships. They co-own five businesses that are increasing in revenue year after year. 

How the Real Business Owners Help Entrepreneurs

Goodman and Trevor share valuable knowledge they have gained throughout their business years through podcasts and their Instagram platform (@realbusinessowners). . Along the way, they’ve hit hard times where they didnt make money for months at a time. They’re big believers in putting your business first and making sure you keep money in the bank because every business will hit a low from time to time. To go from millions in revenue to having it cut in half 2012 to then build it up to new highs they’ve learned a lot and are now sharing that knowledge. 

Their main aim is to help businesses scale up. They target small and medium enterprises. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in the industry whether 1, 5, or 10 years they help you maximize your potential. From their experiences, they teach you to avoid making mistakes they did; they give you tips to succeed in your business. Both say networking is vital for any business. You need to build relationships to prosper. You need to have the passion and work hard in whichever business you venture.You don’t always have to do this alone and always start from scratch. Others have gone ahead of you. Hire experts for the tasks you can’t accomplish. You should choose the right employees since they contribute to your success. Be on par with technology, remember the industry is ever-evolving, and you should too.

Wisdom Nugget for Business Owners

One of the most valuable advice Trevor gives is to engage in social media marketing. When you do it right, then you can easily win clients through the platform. He recommends posting daily on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They take their own advice and on the @realbusinessowners account they post daily tips ANY entrepreneur can benefit from. You can also include videos in your posts. Try not to use  instagram or FB as a way for you to market to your followers constantly. Give your audience info they can benefit from and by default they’ll want to support you as well. Let it act as bait and attract more clients into your business. Then every so often you can sprinkle in an offer. Email marketing is also essential for your business to thrive. You not only target numerous people but also you get a chance to convince them and turn them into regular clients.

Trevor and Kale’s businesses are growing at a high rate; their accounting business Easier Accounting is doing over 8 million of revenue yearly. To prosper, they first determined a gap in the market. Accountants were not treating modern business owner’s right. Hence, they started an accounting firm to satisfy customers.

 Finally, they mention time being a valuable aspect of any business. You should use it wisely and make every second account. Procrastination and excuses are what deters most people from achieving what they want. You need to eliminate them to succeed; you shouldn’t just try, but actually, do it!

Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed. He is one of six founders to be featured in an Inc Magazine article on "Millennials with a Thriving Business" and has also been featured in the Huffington Post as a 19-Year-Old dominating the PR space.

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