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Read About Asia’s Youngest Digital Marketing Expert And Self Made Entrepreneur Kenneth Macknight

Born on 19 August 2004, Haryana,India , Kenneth Macknight is a digital marketing sensation and the CEO of a Digital Marketing Company, STALKE MEDIA.

At the age young of 16, Kenneth is already a colossal success, as he has already achieved the enviable status of being the Asia’s youngest digital marketing expert and self made entrepreneur.

Digital Marketing looks easy, but it is not, you have to update yourself daily to stay in the competition continually. His company STALKE MEDIA is the best digital marketing company in India. STALKE MEDIA, delivers solutions for a broad range of customer’s digital needs, from Sales funnel building to search engine optimization and paid traffic generation to web design.

We are in the 21st century, and technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Marketing in television and newspapers is an old strategy. Now digital marketing is a new way of marketing. Business or Individual marketing online marketing, which we call as a Digital Marketing is here to stay, and it would grow more and more as time passes. To survive in today’s competitive market, you need an expert who can understand Digital Marketing and technology. We find many experts today in the market, but It is not easy to find the right one. Kenneth macknight is one of the youngest Digital Influencer in India.

Kenneth was ambitious from the starting now he is currently about to become India’s youngest entrepreneur.He is also providing free tips and tricks for youngster and is helping many small pages to grow and expand their reach in a healthy and organic way.

This was his urge and habit of exploration that took him to the amazing world of digital marketing at a very young age when he was in his early 16. Then after, he started dedicating his time in this very new world and found that it could be his career option, so he didn’t take the opportunity for granted and started working on it, with himself without any course just by learning the procedure at the internet and applying it in a very real situation. In fact, he has achieved his skills and knowledge practically, i.e. by using the known skills, learning from the mistakes, and improving his skills on a regular basis.

While still in school, he took lessons on different digital skills, from web design, search engine optimization, to Google ads.

He has successfully turned his passion into profit. As of now, STALKE MEDIA cooperates with 20+ clients and companies and takes pride in associating with them to drive revenue and eventually meet important goals. And, all is achieved by exploiting the full potential of Instagram, Facebook, Google, and many other platforms.

Sunil Butolia is an India based entrepreneur and founder of FAME Internet. He is India's leading digital marketer and celebrity manager provides one-stop marketing solutions for businesses as well as celebrities.

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