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Rajnita A Gupta- Where simplicity meets Elegance!!

Modern Indian wear is norm breaking. It is by definition an Indian silhouette that can stand it’s own without the support of heavy embellishments, embroidery or frills.

Rajnita A Gupta, founded by Rajnita herself is a modern Indian wear label exclusively for women. Her label pledges to work on designs which can be wore on different occasions thereby enhancing your style quotient.

Rajnita A Gupta

She primarily works with monotones and her style philosophy is classic and minimalistic! All the dresses under her collection are light weight, comfortable and wearable throughout the year.

Whenever we hear the word ‘beauty’, we have a stereotype in our minds, a definition of beauty of our own. When a fashion or clothing label is attached to it, we always imagine beautiful, well toned models showing off from dresses in their rather perfect bodies.

Breaking the stereotype, Rajnita believes that “Beauty comes in every shape and size” and that is very much evident in her collections. In most of the pictures in her look book, it’s either Rajnita herself, her friends or even her clients starring in the outfit looking very vibrant and confident.

Rajnita A Gupta

What I found unique is that every collection of her is very much distinct from the others. The hues and the craftsmanship is very immaculately done. The love for embroidery and the sheer hardwork in bringing those simple, minimalistic colours to life is evident in her designs.

They also have different solid colours so that you can choose your favourite colour and wear the outfit as per the occasion.

Another great thing which I found while browsing through the Instagram handle is that she herself poses wearing the clothes made by her brand. This gives us an idea as to how much she is attached with her brand.

Managing both at the same time, is definitely not an easy task! Rajnita surely has mastered both of them by now.

Rajnita A Gupta

Interestingly, she also provides styling tips with the designs she herself curated. She can help you get an idea as to how you can wear a particular garment for your business lunch or a hi- tea session at your friend’s place.

The beauty of modern Indian wear is that it is not seasonal and you can wear it throughout the year. It is multifaceted and sharp thereby over ruling the reproach attached to Indian wear.

In one word, Modern Indian wear is “Forever”.

Rajnita A Gupta

“While we love embroidery, we work on showing love for genuine fabrics and colours. Our sensibility is minimalistic and our garments, extremely versatile” quotes Rajnita.

Check out their fantastic collection and if you are confused about which style would go as per your personality, then fret not. Rajnita, the experienced designer herself will help you find the best that suits your personality. Drop your love in the form of comments. I have also linked the Instagram handle so that you can stay updated on their latest collections.

Wishing you a very Happy Diwali in advance..

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