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Publishing Ecosystem Startup: Haneul Publications is simplifying publishing industry for new age authors.

Online Self-Publishing and Digital Distribution Ecosystem: Haneul Publications once again bridged the gap between literature and technology by announcing the implementation of etherium based smart contract validation system to their digital ecosystem which will be live soon in their platform for regular users.

Haneul Publications is the answer to the arduous self-publishing and distribution system that many writers, artists, creators with a great potential have been trapped in for years. They are the only service which break down all barriers and provide an opportunity to all aspiring artist and writers globally, to get their work out there and get it read & discovered by millions, boost their earnings and achieve Fame+Sales.

Haneul Publications is an ecosystem that encompasses every aspect of publishing and distributing books. Their mission is to provide an opportunity to all authors around the world who have a great potential but cannot break into the traditional publishing because of lack of connections or some other factors, be it their physical location or inability to present themselves properly, to get their work out there for everyone to read, watch, discover and appreciate through our free distribution channels. They will also give you an avenue to earn passive income from your book.

When we asked their founders, Abhisek Rath & Tanmay Pattnaik, about what makes them stand apart from rest they said :
“We are passionate about staying up to date and adapting to the needs of our creator groups. We’re confident that we can provide you with the best possible services, and will take on any challenges that arise.

We’re a small, but growing publishing ecosystem that prioritises flexibility and prompt customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

We’ll work with you to develop a long-lasting partnership, and pay close attention to your needs as they change over time.

Haneul is a self-publishing and distribution ecosystem for publishers, authors, and creatives. Aspiring writers and artists can easily publish their material without having to work through gatekeepers to get their products into the hands of readers.

We love what we do and strive to provide you with the best possible services. We are flexible and adaptive to any changes that may come.”

Mr Rath again mentioned that they will make their platform accessible and improve their user experience over time and they will increase their headcount in the office to make their ecosystem self-sustaining for new age authors.

In the end we would like to say,
Get your best writing out there! Haneul is hands down the best self-publishing and distribution place for both writers and readers alike.

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