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Priyanka Raajiv Official- An embodiment of Exotic Modern Indian Fashion

Priyanka Raajiv

Presenting a label of love with threads of varying colours, textures, embellishments,the artisans and their immaculate craft.

Priyanka Raajiv Official is founded by Priyanka Raajiv, it was her call of passion of doing something which she loves the most.

If you see her collection, you can see that how she has carved a unique niche for herself in the fashion world by promoting traditional Indian crafts and designs with an innate sense of asthetic panache. Her work with subtle pastel colours over exquisite chanderi sarees would leave you spellbound. All the colours of her collections speak about aura of natural beauty.

The golden zaris, motifs, resham kashida, foil and regro print potray cultural stories. Silks, organza, chanderi, mangalgiri handwoven silk and cotton in jewel tones and soft pastel hues are detailed stylistic and canonical.

She has also designed for the Hollywood sensation Angelina Jolie, when she visited India for the shoot of “The Mighty Heart”.

She has also portrayed her collection in the New York Fashion week 2016, where she focussed on promoting safeguarding and educating the girl child.

The harmonious co-existence of diverse global elements, unique textures, innovative color palettes and ethnic Indian craftsmanship is the hallmark of her exotic contemporary designs. The minimalistic, new, unique and limitless design is one of the major factors which makes the brand stand apart. There is a wonderful fusion of traditionalism and modernity.

If you see her collection closely, you can also notice a cultural amalgamation, showcasing the most unusual design details from Indian and Global influences with a strong depiction of traditional art and craft.

One of my personal favourites from the exotic modern fashion collection of hers would be the saree project. The sarees of the collection depict a symbol of solace and a connection to our roots. This is their Diwali special collection. By investing in the pieces of their collection, one can also contribute their bit to the Indian weavers.

The brand pursuits the idea of sustainable fashion and the concept of Zero Waste. All the fabrics and hand embroidery are recycled and reused into new designs. Her collection called Jod is one of the finest work depicting the zero waste concept. The shades of red corals and pinks are mesmerising. The name of the collection “Jod” signifies emotions tied up to the remnants of fabrics. You can see wonderful employing work in this collection.

She was also featured in Pune’s Most Powerful 2016–2017 for her contribution to fashion industry by Femina

Priyanka Raajiv

Priyanka Raajiv is an alumnus of the prestigious Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, where she has a Masters degree in Science of Textile and Clothing.

As she promotes the Make in India movement strongly, once you make a purchase from her or get the best apparel which compliments your persona, you also help the weavers of India.

So what are you waiting for? Check out their website and I am also attaching their Instagramhandle so that you can stayupdated on the latest offerings.

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

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