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Precise representation of the decent Social Human Being-RISHIKESH MEENA

Rishikesh Meena

Life is easy for millions, it is not easy for millions. And poverty is one of the major cause of a tough life. Actually money cannot buy happiness. The same money can satisfy desires by buying a comfortable life. Many people can’t fulfil their basic need and one of the basic need is education to help them. God made some persons as a well-wisher to help needy people Rishikesh Meena is one the people who helped a bunch of needy people around the country. Their aim is to help poor and needy people in the field of education. Many poor families in the country who are not able to support their children. How can they educate them. Rishikesh feels that he can help them by getting education for them.

Rishikesh Meena
At the age of 25, he has done phenomenal work for the betterment of people who are not able to get an education. He started this two years ago. Not only this, he made the poor families aware of its importance for education and the government’s free education policies. He spread awareness about government policies regarding free education to all. He helped them to get fine education.

A believer in Gandhian, humanist and secular values, he dedicated years of her life to reach out to people in need of help in various forms. Apart from this he distributed ration and basic households to many families in this pandemic. He motivated his entire team as corona warriors to serve the society and people holed up in their homes by upplying essential commodities to every nook and corner of the city. Their goal is to provide better education to every child of the country. Their goal is to provide better education to every child of the country. This will only be possible. From the day children of poor families started going to school. Rishikesh says that “read India will only grow India”.

Rishikesh Meena is very much influenced by the thoughts of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Follow their footsteps and ideology for education and development in the country. Apart from social work he is Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress- Social Media Coordinator. People like Rishikesh are the gem for the nation. He influences many of the young blood through his hard work. And he suggest ”Mehnat Karte Jao Safalta Khud Chalkar Aayegi“.  You can witness his chores on his official social media handles, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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