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Prathik Jain bags ‘Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year’ for his brand Manueal


Owning a business and having the freedom to take financial decisions of the company is a thought which an individual has at some point of time. Though it might seem easy to start your own business, it actually isn’t. Being an entrepreneur especially in this ever-competitive landscape is never a cakewalk, one needs to have a lot of dedication, passion, and a deep understanding of current marketing trends and future possibilities. Loaded with all the qualities, Prathik Jain, an astute entrepreneur, and an experienced social media manager has created a name for himself through his sheer hard work and exceptional talent.

Hailing from Southern State of Karnataka, Prathik has in- depth knowledge in the field of Graphic Designer and in 2012 founded , which is a collaborative venture of eight seasoned skilled believers who aims to provide top-notch graphic design to their clients. Apart from graphic designing, the venture also provides a plethora of other web development services like web and mobile development, social media marketing, video marketing, bulk-SMS, and other services., till now has catered their services to a large number of clients and is rapidly emerging as the preferred choice of web development services among a lot of people, all because of the sharp marketing skills of Prathik.

This passionate person always had the zeal and the passion for trying something new, something different, something that resonates with people, and following his successful tenure as owner of, Prathik shifted his focus towards the men’s grooming industry. He started his own venture- ‘Manueal,’ an Indian Men’s Grooming Brand. Understanding the rising demand for grooming products among men and sensing a lack of a solid brand in fulfilling the demand, Prathik was smart enough to start his own brand. Manueal seeks to provide a wide range of top-quality skin care products for men. From Aloe Vera Gel to Vitamin C Gel, from carefully curated handcrafted bathing bars to lavender soap, Manueal provides everything that one might be looking for.
The virtuoso, for ‘Manueal,’ was recently awarded ‘Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year’ (Business Transformation). The venture has gained a positive reputation among a lot of its product users as they provide top quality, natural products with chemical-free substances in order to protect soft, delicate human skin. In a short span of time, the company has exponentially grown and much of this credit lies with Prathik Jain and his marketing skills.
Talking about his entrepreneurial journey, Founder & CEO of Manueal, Prathik Jain said, “The journey has been a terrific one despite few hurdles. I have always wanted to be financially independent and be able to make my decision and now that I can, I feel privileged.” Giving a piece of advice to upcoming budding entrepreneurs, he says, “I just want to tell them to start reading a lot, be aware of latest marketing trends, and try to analyze for yourself what can be the future. Investing in the right area and being adaptive is the key.”
It won’t be wrong to say that Prathik is a complete talent package as apart from being an entrepreneur and a graphic designer, he also has expertise in social media management and in- depth knowledge of software design and development. The young entrepreneur also has a world record to his name as well. He created 36 websites in under 12 hours and 51 minutes. Prathik Jain along with his hard-working team has also been acknowledged by the Limca Book of Records, the High Range Book of Records, Unique World Records, and Miracle World Records. Having a creative knack he is the concept designer and creative head for TJCL 2021. He also founded TJPL Tumkur Jain Premier League 2018 & Co- founded TJCL Tumkur Jain Champions League 2021 which shows his interest in sports.
A graphic designer, a social media manager, co-founder of and founder & owner of Manueal, Prathik Jain, without a doubt, is a complete talent package and is an inspiration for thousands of budding entrepreneurs.

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