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Prashant Verma : An Professional Ethical Hacker And A Digital Entrepreneur



As cyber attacks are on the rise. Companies as well as countries are exploring new ways to stay one step ahead of threat actors. According to a research, 78% of IT leaders are not confident in their companies’ security postures, which leads to about 91% of organizations to increase cybersecurity funding for 2021. As part of this increased focus and to curb this threat, many companies are now turning to professional ethical hackers to help prevent future attacks.

In today’s edition, we are presenting before you a budding  professional ethical hacker Prashant Verma. Born on 15 September, 2002, in Meerut ( a small town in Uttar Pradesh), Prashant is a certified ethical hacker who aspires to serve India as a cybersecurity professional. According to him, ‘From my childhood, I have been through several career options. But I always had, and still have, the zeal to do something for my country. With my current portfolio of a cybersecurity expert, I am confident that I will serve my country in the best possible way.’

Prashant is pursuing graduation in B.Tech from MIET, Meerut, one of the prestigious colleges around. To prevent people and various organizations in the country, and across the world, from data breach and cybercrime, he is writing a book on cybersecurity for over a year. He says, ‘Ethical hackers benefit the clients that hire them as they approach the project with the same mindset as an attacker. They aim at finding out how to gain access and cause harm. However their purpose is different. They work with the purpose to find out vulnerabilities in apps, infrastructure and open-source coding before attackers can. Organizations can then fix the problem before an attack or breach happens.’

Prashant, when in school, was a curious child. He joined the karate class and earned a red belt. Then his focus shifted to dancing. He joined the dance class and learned it with great precision. He then went on to participate in various dance competitions and won several of them. He appeared on TV shows and worked for notable TV channels like Colors and Zee.

It was in his 11th standard when he truly got interested in ethical hacking. From then on, he never looked back and went on to earn various certificates in the field.

Prashant says, ‘Due to the shift in our daily habits because of the pandemic, we have a complete reliance on the cloud as many of the companies are still preferring  work-from- home, and this has increased the stakes of cybercrime. Thus organizations, as well as countries, are in dire need of cybersecurity now, more than ever before.’

At such a young age, he has achieved much more than many of his fellow beings. He is currently a cybersecurity researcher and wishes to work for the country.


Instagram : @pv_hkr , @prashant.vermaa

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