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Pranav mangal, 16-Year old rising with his entreprenuerial skills in Digital World.

nikunj agarwal

A 16-year teenage yes Right heard by you yes he owns an identity in the field of the digital market

He is a well-known personality of digital platform
Pranav mangal comes from a small town of Rajasthan Udaipur studies in 11th standard of Rockwoods high school in commerce stream his hobbies is Using social media, online shopping, E-Book Readings or online researches

He has done some online courses in the field of digital marketing and websites designing and due to interest in computers he spent lots of time on Computer even for that but somehow manage than one-day lockdown was declared by the government of India due to Corona pandemic.

He gets ample time for his work also get easier due to online classes he is managing both the task on a single screen of a computer so with his computer skill he starting working on sites like freelancer or other sites After doing a lot of work on lots of websites as a freelancer or working for other once days he Realised do something for himself and make an online platform for known as “Technical media” which offers a various solution for online work like digital advertising and digital marketing which have lot of work from many famous sites to advertise their products even as a student, it is quite hard to manage studies and business in one go but he still manages to score the highest marks in class and win many academic medals.

He identifies the digital business opportunities and has a vision of becoming a digital entrepreneur
In future, he also generates lots of employment opportunities and also bring expand his business globally and bring Foreign exchange to India and indirectly helps in the capital formation of our country.

He follows strong business ethics and consumer satisfaction is the main priority for him
He quite takes Risk and delivers the online projects before time.

“ What Separates good content from Great content is a willingness to take risks and push the envelope.”

He owns a team of well-disciplined hard work members due to his managerial skills he can manage multiple works at a time even when you reading this he is busy in their
hope so one day he became big tycoon in the field of digital marketing.

His unique point is Consumer satisfaction at any cost timely delivery of projects at any cost.

He is very passionate about his work!

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