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Pranab Kr Nath An Indian Model and Actor from Northeastern State with a Wide Fan-following

Have you ever looked at a person and wondered- What brings them here? How did they reach this level of fame? But have you ever thought of the answer which will actually change your whole outlook on life. All this requires great skill, talent and imaginative thinking skills. Not everyone that we know have all these things in them. If they do they must make it big! One such person who has done this is Pranab Kr Nath.
Pranab Kr Nath is a star from the very Northeastern state of Tripura. He is an influencer and has done great things for the society. Beginning from entertaining videos to the ones that actually help us all to face the realities of life, Pranab Kr Nath has done it all. His acting skills are beyond comprehension.
Whenever you watch a video from Praanb Kr Nath, you won’t be able to differentiate between what is basically acting and what is reality. His acting makes everything look real as if it is happening truly and someone just happens to be there with a camera to record it. But this has not developed in a few days. It takes great practice and greater skills to possess such qualities.
Pranab Kr Nath is very profound in his field of Short Film making. This Actor is so famous that most of the time he remains busy and indulged in responding to all his fans. He does not want any single one of his fan to feel left out therefore he tries his level best to try to interact with all of this. But since he is such a famous actor he does not find a lot of time to do so. Pranab Kr Nath considers his fans his greatest inspiration.
According to him, his fans are a huge inspiration. Their best wishes and immense support mean a lot to him. It gives him the willingness and joy to become a greater actor. He is already pretty famous in a very young age. The future beholds great things for him.
Now, all these facts mentioned above are the actual reasons to his influential part. One needs to be a perfect role model so that people look up to him. Pranab Kr Nath is such a great actor and makes the best Short Videos and this is why the younger generation looks up to him as an amazing influencer. We all must watch and learn a lot from him, nit just acting and video making skills but also the act of kindness.
The professional level of work which is required to make a good Short Video and also the ideas which are unique and hard to predict is all present in Pranab Kr Nath. To influence the masses of people with our positive vibe is such a huge thing to do. Pranab Kr Nath- the amazing Actor proves himself everyday by just existing as the best artist that he is.

Pranab Kr Nath is a well known Indian Model and Actor, famous for his Short Film Content. He is a talented Video Creator in Northeastern India. He is inarguably one of the best Short Film Actor in the region as well as the country. However, Mr Pranab Kr Nath considers himself as an entertainer. He sure is one of the most talented director, producer as well as photographer! In a recent interview on Tripura News Tv Channel, he spoke about his interesting lifestyle. YouTube and other social media accounts are his main platforms to spread awareness and his artistic skills. Pranab Kr Nath, a 29 year old Actor, has gained a lot of fame since he started making videos on YouTube and Facebook. But that doesn’t make him feel like a celebrity yet, this is because of his humble nature and personality. “When I am in front of the camera, I cannot afford to switch from my actual personality. I like to talk to people and make friends. A lot of people text me and sometimes it becomes very difficult to reply to all of them,” he said. When he was asked about how it all started and the story behind the title “Pranab Kr Nath: an Artist ,” he said, “I was a University Student and I randomly filmed a video. The name ‘The Untold Story of Pranab Kr Nath’ came as randomly as the video.” Hence, today we have this wonderful man whom we can truly consider as an Artist.

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