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Prachi Sharma:The Shieldmaiden

Each day in this nimble world is like a day on battlefield and its upto us wheather to fight like a warrior, conquer our dreams or give up.The decision is completely in our hands.
Meet Prachi Sharma, the shieldmaiden hailing from Jalandhar, Punjab who fought each challenge coming towards her in an astonishing manner and emerged as an extraordinary digital marketer.
Since her early childhood, she was crazy about tech things and always wanted to be get recognized in this industry. And with her mindblowing entry in the industry,she bought a revolution in the tech sector of the nation.
Her creativity skills are top notch and with her magnificent management skills,she is simultaneously handling many social pages.Not only this, she has a brilliant sense of humor with her and is proud founder of the @theindiansmemes her content is quite bingeworthy and got tremendous power to bring smiles to people exhausted at the end of day. The dedication and determination , she possess is incomparable and it’s her hardwork that made her reach the heights of sky at such a young age.
Prachi devastated the societal stereotypes that troll women, with her persistence and dedication towards her work. Gone the day,when women were dependent on men for their financial needs, Prachi marked new benchmarks in the society by emerging as lady money printing machine.
No matter how hard things went, Prachi faced each problem very boldly and she was fortunate enough to have a wonderful support from her parents. Their motivation boosted the girl so brilliantly that today we are blessed with such outstanding entrepreneur.
Prachi is a fashionista who loves to explore the trends in the industry and always come up with excellent outfits and new beauty tips. She has collaborated with many recognized beauty companies and always promotes products which are generous and eco friendly rather than doing reckless promotion for commercial purposes.
She is a gallivanter who loves to share her experiences and make people aware of the world.Her travel blogs are full of enthusiasm and have a rich knowledge about the tour places.
Prachi loves to connect with people and one can easily connect with her on Instagram @ursprachi.
But all this was just a little teaser and she is coming with her banger content very soon.Her flair of coming with something new each time always amuses her fans and soon she is coming with something big.

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