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Paulami Niyogi – Female activist come entrepreneur

Having the ability to do what you love and are passionate about on your terms is attractive and an absolute delight, especially when you could potentially build it into a sizeable income. That is not something everybody would courageously do. Paulami Niyogi from Kolkata broke out of her shackles, leaving behind a stable career to follow on her dream. She is a post-graduate in Business Management and has a few years of significant experience in the corporate sector. However, she left her well paid corporate career to pursue her dreams.
Paulami has always been fond of music, and she went ahead to pursue it. She is currently a performing vocalist and works as an active mental health specialist. Clearly, with her success, leaving the corporate sector was the right decision for her. She successfully build her empire following her goals and dreams. She now runs a consultancy, focused on Marketing and Life coaching. She is also a certified coach and counselor and has accomplished all her desires through her hard work and self-confidence. Certainly, life had other ways for her.
Paulami venture aids people to find the purpose of their life through guided learning. She plays a significant role in altering people’s lives to provide them with a clearer and cultivating mindset. She has opened the right doors in her life by changing her career to a Life coach. There sure is a lot of difference between loving your job and doing a job you love. She has taken up something she loves, and this is sure to help her establish more in life.

She is a keen meditation practitioner and is currently exploring different prospects of music therapy. Music changes people for the better and it gives a positive vibe and energy. She aims to provide finer services to her clients with the help of ancient Indian classical music. She is inclined towards building meaningful and fruitful relationships with her customers giving excellent results and developing customized strategies for them for their therapy.

With love and passion for something, we are sure to excel in that field. Paulami is an example of this. Paulami has only scratched the surface of what she has been following and practicing so passionately, much more is yet to come. Her faith and diligent nature has made her successful. Talent and passion sure do make a success story. The successful businesswoman has only scratched the surface of what she wants to accomplish, and will continue to move forward even when the road doesn’t exist.

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