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How Patrick Corsino Started 4 Six-Figure Businesses By The Age of 23

To the hundreds of thousands who draw inspiration from him, Patrick Corsino is a successful young entrepreneur who is proving you don’t need the traditional system. At just 23 years Patrick has started and grown four businesses, all of which have broken the six-figure mark. Now, the young serial entrepreneur is mentoring others to do the same. 

The Brazilian-born entrepreneur has lived in Michigan, Hong Kong, and Belgium. His nomadic lifestyle would later confirm the fact that travel helps develop important business characteristics, allows access to psychological benefits, and enhances the entrepreneur’s problem-solving abilities. 

Last year, Patrick moved to New York City from Virginia, where he had stayed for four years and gone to college. However, he did not like college. Not the institution itself, but the system through which it wanted to make him an electrical engineer. So Patrick lost complete interest in pursuing a career in engineering. At almost exactly the same time, he began googling, “how to build an online business.” What Patrick found out opened up the windows through which he escaped into freedom—financial freedom. 

Business #1: E-commerce 

The e-commerce industry seemed like a good place to try, so the budding entrepreneur gave it a go. After all, it is a $3.4 trillion industry with much to offer than is actually thought. Since he had no prior knowledge or training in any online business, Patrick looked for good courses. But he had no money to pay for them. The best way out was to work as a waiter to raise enough money for upkeep, paying for courses, and gathering some more resources he needed. That’s how he learned to blend e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Lots of platforms are making it super easy for e-commerce stores to sell directly through their social pages these days with built-in embedded links. This means that customers can click on specific products within a post and be led directly to a product page, making it far easier to boost impulse buys through online advertising. As Patrick had imagined, his job as a waiter quickly funded his new skills. He even managed to spare some cash to invest in his cryptocurrency trading business. 

Business #2: Affiliate Marketing

At the time, Patrick did not have products of his own, so he was affiliate marketing for other brands through social media. When he realized that it would take more than one business to fulfil his desire for freedom, Patrick built systems that allowed his startups to run without him around. For every business he had or planned to start, Patrick would create a team of freelancers and virtual assistants. He believes that outsourcing most of the tasks in a startup helps entrepreneurs relax and find time to focus on growing the company rather than running it. 

Business #3: Cryptocurrency Trading

Although he was busy building the blueprints for other businesses he had coming up, Patrick seemed particularly taken by trading crypto. He has a penchant for trading, and it has manifested in the kind of content, and the frequency with which he uploads on social media.  Patrick’s YouTube channel has over 26,000 subscribers and million-plus views on thousands of videos filled with crypto expert analysis and priceless insights. This was his second business and is unsurprisingly still doing great. The cryptocurrency market continues to be a popular asset for traders these days. More and more people are starting to trade crypto across the world, and there is more reason than ever to learn cryptocurrency trading in 2020.

Business #4: Information Products

Having gained experience starting and growing businesses, Patrick decided to take the next step. He says, “Now that I have started and scaled multiple online businesses, I am focusing on showing people

they do not always need the traditional route in order to succeed.” Patrick’s long term vision is to reform the education system and leave a legacy. By leveraging such managerial strategies as coordination and delegation, Patrick Corsino has gone beyond commonly set barriers and proven them to be overrated but most of all, conquerable.

Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed. He is one of six founders to be featured in an Inc Magazine article on "Millennials with a Thriving Business" and has also been featured in the Huffington Post as a 19-Year-Old dominating the PR space.

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