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The Inspirational Producer Parag Chariya is all set to come up with interesting releases 

Parag Chariya is known as an inspirational producer who has helped folk music performers to evolve through his Channel. Studio Shri Shakti has given platform to many folk artists and now working towards many other genres. He has worked with artists like Jignesh Kaviraj, Rakesh Barot, Sairam Dave, Alpa Patel, Shital Thakor, Bhoomi Panchal, Nitin Barot, Hemant Joshi, Vijay Vaja and Kavita Mandera amongst many others.

He has produced multiple projects under his banner including songs like Kolini Tani Na Karvi, Mane Laagi Taari Dhoon, Mari Jau to Bhale Mari Jau, Sorathni Amirat, Hulululu Halaa Re and many more. His work has been remarkable and appreciated by many.

Sharing details on his upcoming project Parag Chariya reveals, ‘I have been working on multiple projects. Many have been already released including, HuLuLu Hala Re Lala by Kavita Mandera, Desi Prem by Vijay Vaja, Kem Bani Gaya Chho Bija Na by Hemant Joshi, Adhuri Rahi Prem Kahani Mari by Dhaval Barot and many more. I totally loved the reaction of my audience on these videos and the amount views that have come totally makes me feel welcoming. Music is a close affair of my life and I am totally enjoying my choices as a producer. It is also a great opportunity to say thanks to all my artists for their hard work.’

Adding to it he also mentioned, ‘I am all set to come with a new project. This is the world’s fastest Hanuman Chalisha completed in 2 minutes featuring Hemant Joshi. We have already finished the recordings and are set for the shooting in Junagadh, Chorward Holiday Camp. This is under the Alankar Studio Vishal Makavana and is scheduled to be released on 26th Jun’21 over Aapnu Gir Somnath’s Youtube Channel. Hoping to find success and really wish good luck to the artists behind this project.’

parag Chariya further adds, “I had heard about Paragbhai so I gave my voice in this song and the recording of this song started. Gradually I got introduced to Paragbhai and when I got to know his personality, I realized that despite his great knowledge, he was so ground to earth. His humility touched me. He never treated us like a producer but always as a family. This song was released and people also welcomed this song. All the credit goes to Paragbhai who got me in this game of music.’’

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