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Ostomy Bag Is Just A Bag, You Can Still Achieve Anything You Want With It!

This is my story. I want everyone to know that getting Ostomy Bag is not the end of you. It’s just a bag!

Hi, My Name is Dinesh Kundnani. I live in Surat, Gujarat, I am a colorectal cancer survivor and living my life with a permanent ostomy bag.

So what is an ostomy bag, its medical condition where your bump will not work, and through surgery, doctors will remove the rectum area in some cases permanent or some cases temporary and fix the ostomy bag with the stomach.

A person can poo automatically in this ostomy bag. People are anxious when it comes to living with an ostomy bag, They are scared, Even recently news came out one person had requested in the hospital to court to die because he doesn’t want to live with an ostomy bag.

I understand living with an ostomy bag. Initially, it takes time because you are now dependent on the suppliers who provide you with these ostomy bags, and at the same time, these bags are costly. Every 4 or 5 days, you have to change these bags, and so on.

Some are worried about how they are going to be settled again in life. Some got divorced after getting an ostomy bag; Some are scared to go outside work. But its all the Mindset, it is just a bag nothing can stop you. You can do everything anything you want.

Today I even go to the gym and Travel as well, I can eat everything I want in my life, Yes there is the restriction, but that is all based on how my body reacts. Hence, we have to look at our bodies. If it acts whenever we eat or do something extraordinary, then we just stopped it. Because if you listen to your body carefully, that’s it. Then you don’t have to worry about anything.

And that’s the reason I had started showing my ostomy bag 365 days on social media where I am disrupting the stigmas in our society that, yes, I have this ostomy bag. I am living with an ostomy bag, and I can do everything anything I want in my life. And to spread the awareness that you are not alone in this world.

Today its more than 150 days completed, and I get DM’s and calls, how you are so much Positive about this. Well, I tell them this one thing. It’s only one life, so why you want to live your life worrying about anything. Its All Mindset.

Just be Positive and always keep moving forward; that’s it.

Hi, My name is Dinesh kundnani, I am Colorectal cancer survivor, permanent Ostomate ( a person who have gone through with medical surgery and rectum area removed with half colon and then have to live with an ostomy bag) and now a freelancer, I write articles on ostomy things.

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