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Orkhan Rzayev believes that the digital world has opened doors to new opportunities for entrepreneurs

Eleven Kings is a free football manager game launched in July 2017 by Azerbaijani entrepreneur Orkhan Rzayev in support of his partner Elshad Pirimov. Legendary soccer star Ronaldinho became the face of the brand in August 2021. This businessman and digital marketing expert has been a part of various startups for the last 12 years. The success has led the founders of the company to announce another round of seed investment which would help them scale globally quicker.


Rzayev feels glad to declare the feats that Eleven Kings has been able to achieve in such a short period of time. He attributes his success to the power of the digital world. He believes that he is lucky to be living in 2021, where any idea or business can gain traction when reaching out to the right audience. He himself has come across several opportunities due to the power of social media. Many of these chances of collaboration, sharing something, or expanding the business worldwide have helped him grow exponentially.


Rzayev says that with the ample number of opportunities available on the internet, people should not have any excuse for not being able to accomplish their dreams. He says that one needs to just get out of their comfort zone and start doing things instead of worrying about the results. If you are persistent enough to achieve what you aspire for, nothing can come in your way.


Rzayev, having understood the power of the digital world and social media, is active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He shares content about his experiences in startups, digital businesses, and family with his followers. He loves to put out everything that life has taught out there into the world so that people can benefit from it. He also has a personal blog, where people looking for success can find motivating content. You can also reach them through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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