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Original Banda: A Soaring Mainstream Rapper

“Struggle is never ending and Success doesn’t have full stops, it has comas.”- Aditya Sikarwar aka Original Banda.

Aditya Sikarwar, is a rapper, actor, lyricist and writer. He was born on 13th February, 1998 in a village named Barwar, Kheragarh district, Uttar Pradesh. This is also his hometown where he is brought up. His father Mr. Tapendra Sikarwar is a farmer, his mother Mrs. Sabita is a teacher at Shiksha Mitra. He has a younger sibling named Sanskar. Let’s take a glimpse of his journey till date to know more about him.

Aditya always prioritized studies and so he completed his primary and secondary education. He never showed keen interest towards studies. He was a backbencher during his school and college days and used to engrose himself in writing lyrics of his own songs since school. Later, his college friends were able to see potential in him so they encouraged Aditya to pursue his career in Hip Hop music. He used to listen to rap songs of various artists like Raftaar, Divine, Badshah, etc and used to take note of things which are necessary to build his career.

Before rapping, he started with his own dance classes and successfully runned for two years. But, he always knew he wanted something else from life. At the age of 17, he beginned with his rapping. He composed numerous songs which never got official. While talking about his struggling days, he said “I faced financial issues which were a hindrance in my journey. I had a simple old version phone on which I used to do song mixing. It ideally takes one hour, but with this phone it used to consume around 4-5 hours.”

He saved up enough money for his new phone and with the help of his friends he buyed a new exclusive mobile. He was signed with the music company MadBox, which is owned by Jeet Pratap Singh, his brother who helped him give a breakthrough in career. His first official song which was released on an online platform was Bum Bum Bole. The path breaking song which made him recognised as Original Banda and went viral was UP Wale Bhaiya. It has over 200K+ views on Youtube.

Currently, there are four songs to his name and soon three more rap songs are soon to be released, which are Insaf Dilao- a music speaking against the rape culture of India, Hasti- based on his own struggles and Up Hassi. While wrapping up his journey at the end he says that his biggest motivators are his family members who motivated him to chase after his dreams and make it reality.

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