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Online Gardening Startup-ThreePlants by Young Entrepreneur Siddharth Talesara

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Nowadays more and more young entrepreneur are emerging in the country breaking the barriers of age to enter the corporate world.

With the modern era striking, the age of launching a business and getting successful is becoming less for children.

Now children have a broader perceptive to start a something of there own at an early age only. They want to create an impact on society and show there existence.

In India only, over one lakh startups start every year but very few are able to survive for even there first year.

Many young entrepreneurs try their luck and do there best in their fields.  They try to solve modern problems with the help of Technology.

One of the Emerging young mind coming from a very small city started a business worth millions.

Siddharth Talesara is the Co-founder of ThreePlants. An online nursery which sells indoor plants, seeds and other agricultural equipment.

ThreePlants works in the field of selling plants online and they considered customer feedback as there first feedback. Now they are one of the most trusted plant selling platform in India.

Siddharth was born in a Marwadi family. His family runs a family business from the last 5 decades. Siddharth from a very small age started earning money. He goes to his family business and works there on his summer holiday for which he gets ₹10 per day.

This seems very less but this practice gives him the knowledge of the Importance of money and how to earn money from different sources.

He was not good at his studies and prefer the practical way of learning. As this gives him real-life perceptive rather than the book problems.

He even fails many times in his school time. But In his school life only he learns to code and successfully makes a website called ThreeSides.

Then he also developed an android app of it and transforming that website cum blog into a successful startup.

Then suddenly one day, when he was working with his brother Aman Talesara at the garden in there home. They realised they can sell plants online and fill the gap of online to offline.

They know that there are many competitors in the market but from there city, no one is selling plants online. They find an opportunity and without wasting a minute more working on their startup.

With this, they both started working on this idea making it a reality.

For the initial days, they were the only people in the company so they have to manage all work on there own.

Siddharth headed the technological department and Aman headed the sales and marketing department.

Siddharth says “My journey had many hustles but that makes me think in many perceptive.”He is now 18 years old and strangely he was under 18 when he had done all these things.

By this inspirational story of a Young Entrepreneur gives you goosebumps to think upon what are you doing and are you enjoying it or not. Don’t hesitate to innovate and start something new and unique.







Owner of Three Sides Company. An enthusiast who has the vision to change the world.An engineer by profession. Imagination is my biggest power, as I can imagine anything and try to create in reality. Love plants. That's why also founded ThreePlants company who basically sells plants. In the mission to change the world.

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