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OneTo11: The one application that MUST be on your phone right now

OneTo11 is the newest gaming application which is rapidly moving towards an increasing number of downloads. And it has promised an unlimited earning. Curious? Read on.

OneTo11 is India’s first social networking fantasy gaming application. It is developed by the well known tech company “Saya Tech Labs.” It has done a terrific job at creating a game application which is aimed towards becoming a popular thing among the dedicated online gamer community of India.

The features of this new gaming application are the most attractive and honestly, it looks like the developers were banking on the audience’s interest. And what is the audience’s inclination towards? Money and networking.

The application, OneTo11 provides exactly this.

When you download the app and register, you get Rupees 100 credited to your game wallet immediately.

Also, after your download, the app generates a referral codethat is unique. You can now send this refer code to your friends through which they can download the application.

Now as soon as you add a network on the application, you start earning money as and when the network bets on a particular contest or joins and plays a paid online contest. This is what is called the “network commission.” This commission would be 1.5% of the contest joining fee that your friend/network would pay. It would go on increasing up to the 11 levels of network commission.

In the same manner, your upline would get a 0.75% of the joining fees as his/her “network commission.”

The app has a wide choice of contests which you can choose from and join. The contests are upcoming cricket and game matches that you can play and WIN. What is extraordinary is that OneTo11 has provided the very advanced option of letting the user create his/her own private contest. You can pick any game match and make it your very own contest which you and your friends can participate in and win.

All you have to do is select a match, create a team and then join a contest and earn.

Another big element of OneTo11 is that it’s driven by social networking. When you take part in the 11 level network commission, you begin to come across new people and also reignite old friendships. The inclusiveness quality of the app is that ALL of you can earn money. That’s why the tagline is “Aao Milkar Jeeten.”

Your social networking will result in you having the option to earn unlimited. There is a fixed network commission upto 11 levels and therefore a fixed percentage of commission for every level.

OneTo11 is also bringing more sports and game like Kabaddi and Football. Very soon, users can participate in these contests and play these games as well.

The app boasts of an immediate withdrawal facility as well. It has a wide range of trusted payment partners. They are Paytm, UPI, CashFree, Visa and MasterCard. So as soon as you have the commission in your application wallet, you can immediately withdraw it without any hassle.

For starting members (the first large group of people who download the app), there will be extra benefits and offersmade available for them. It’s called the first mover advantage!

Excited much?

Use the link below and start playing to earn money, have fun and network.

The application download link:


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