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OMKAR PATTANSHETTI – A Young digital creator portraying vogue

Social media is an independent platform that serves as a gateway to showcase one’s skills and talent. It brings up many influencers that encourages and inspires us a lot. Among them is a young skilled guy, named omkar.

OMKAR PATTANSHETTI is a young and brilliant social media influencer from Karnataka, India. At such a young age having clarity in thoughts and actions is exceptional. He started his journey on digital platform and creates his own pace in it. Having keen interest in digital media he made use of it for acquiring ideal knowledge in this NICHE. He made it to that level. Now, influences other young people about the pros of digital marketing ,to execute and learn more. He is flourishing excellently in his niche, as a result he will going to establish his own digital marketing Company. Currently working with Priyanshu Chouhan for “The Priyanshu Chouhan Company” , which will provide all sorts of digital marketing services.

He is an active social media user (@omkar.v.p) having more than 1K followers on Instagram, where he posts content about lifestyle, outfits, and stuffs that makes it entertaining and also clears about the essence of vogue he has. His rich talent and appealing personality makes him even more admirable.

Thus, for his brighter future plans we wish him all the very best.

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