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Omar Adnan’s Tunes and Whips accomplished global recognition

Omar Adnan is a dexterous person, who has accomplished a lot of things at the age of 22 years. He has built creative agencies, jewelry brands, collaborated with many renowned international brands. He is the founder and executive creative director of Technik studios, and currently, he has launched Tunes and whips.

Omar Adnan’s eccentricity has brought a beautiful world in front of him, and now he wants to make this world magnificent and fancy according to his choice. Omar Adnan is very fond of music, and cars. The city life of Canada introduced him to the cacophony of the busy world. He wants to blend the cacophony with a charming rhythm to create something unique. This image is being developed into reality by the company named Tunes and whips. 

Omar Adnan and his team shoot videos of high brand cars and they give the opportunity to new upcoming artists, who sing the song. Then they do high-quality editing by the professionals and present the beautiful video to their clients. 

Omar Adnan had a keen interest in making short films. He used to indulge himself in this activity from childhood days. Just like desire and practice make a man perfect, Omar Adnan created a short film that qualified for Oscar, when he was only 18 years old. 

Technik studios were born at the initial phase of his career when it was not his full-time job. When he got fame in this company, Omar Adnan decided to explore the world according to his taste. 

At the age of 17, Omar Adnan made a video campaign featuring $1,000,000 worth BMW M cars. The video went viral and acquired more than 26 million views to date. After this elevation in his career, Omar Adnan received various high-quality brand projects, which changed the direction of his life. Ford, Lexus, Porsche these luxurious brands contacted Omar Adnan for collaboration. This bright initial phase of Omar Adnan’s career gave the birth of Tunes and Whips. 

When he launched Technik Studio, he dreamt to make his company one of the biggest leading companies in Canada, but for Tunes and Whips, he wants a global recognition for his creation, and his optimism assures that he will be able to accomplish his dream anytime soon. He says that he knows where he wants to take his brand, and no obstacle can dim his willpower to achieve that goal. He is very much prepared for everything to accomplish it.

Many well-known artists such as TJ Porter, Houdini, YSN Flow, Pressa Armani, and TOB Duke appreciated Omar Adnan’s unique creation. He again added, “Tunes and Whips have the capability to collaborate with some of my favorite brands, such as Lyrical lemonade, Complex, Motor trend.”

The combination of modern rhythm and cars is a unique idea that thrilled the gen y customers. The combination helped Omar Adnan to think beyond the capacity for Tunes and Whips. 

Omar Adnan’s perfect vision, determination, and dexterity play vital roles for the huge success of his brands.

Afzal Anis is the founder and CEO of Insova Group and the author of Visionary Wits. He launched Insova Group, A modern-day parent company with a wide range of interests spanning the technology, media, and marketing industries. He has been featured on famous news publications around the globe including Forbes, Yahoo News, and many more

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