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Olympic Nationals And Professional Footballer: Mohamed Ismail Jasem Alhosani, The Young Star

There are a lot of people who play football but not everyone is good at it and not everyone manages to be at the top. Mohamed Ismail Jasem Alhosani Is one such man who started playing years ago and since then he has always been one of the top players in his team. Currently, he has played for a few teams, two of them being official and quite permanent and one of them being fresh. This means that he was a part of Al Jazera Club for almost 5 years and then in order to move on to professionalism, he joined Khorfakkanf Club. All of this was possible because of his stunning coach Jamel Al Hasni. Right now he plays for three positions that seem to be, striker, left-winger and right-winger.

He first started playing in 2012, which was his very first in the league too. It was against the Al Nasr Club, Where he scored his first-ever goal in the last 10 minutes of a very intense match. In the present days to he is known as one of the youngest players, proving to be the youngest in his present team too.

Let’s have a look at some of his biggest achievements in the past years:

  • The championship title then he was 15 years old for the Cup Asia for youth. This is where he gained the widely known nickname of offensive rock.
  • Played a total of 1165 minutes in 2016. Managed to score 15 goals, being the second top scorer in his team.
  • Scored two goals and won the League along with his team Al Jazera In 2014.
  • Scored a hattrick as a striker and also managed to be at the top position being the top scorer with as many as 16 goals and three assists, all without getting any of the red or yellow cards. This is the year 2015 when he started to go to play for national teams and was chosen by the coach Jamel Al Hasni to play against Al Ain Club.
  • 16 goals and seven assists in 2018, being qualified for at least three times for the national team with seven goals and four matches in the years 2018 and 2019 respectively. Looking at the bigger picture, these two years have been the luckiest for him in his entire career because he not only qualified for the national teams but also managed to get himself into one of the top teams.
  • In The year 2020 he was one of the best striker and winger under 21, the win against Kalba Club which was 0 to 1, was his best ever, in his own words.

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