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OGarden Eliminates Inefficiencies and Excessive Expenditures by Growing Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs Right From their Living Room

Secrecy is an enemy of efficiency but don’t let anyone know it! OGarden Smart refers to an automated indoor garden that helps you grow fresh, healthy products right inside your living room effortlessly. You can grow up to 90 fruits, herbs, and veggies at once and enjoy an abundance of super fresh food with minimal maintenance and hassle.

Consisting of an innovative revolving garden wheel with automated cycles for LED lighting, irrigation, and fertilization. Ogarden is designed to effortless and quickly upgrade your home and your grocery basket, and close the gap from farm to table, and restrain the inefficiencies excessive expenditures and costs, and adverse environmental and health implications in association with traditional food production methods. Ogarden Smart is a way to eat and enjoy produce sustainably that’s never been done before.

Founded in 2016 in Quebec, Canada by Pierre Nibart, OGarden vision has been to create healthier sustainable access to food. Consumers can sustainably acquire and enjoy a wider variety of healthy foods at a relatively cheaper cost. The entire system makes it convenient for indoor use; an inspired food garden approach the world has been waiting for! The breaking news is that OGarden eliminates inefficiencies and excessive expenditures by growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs right from your living room, and this is what you need to do.

Start and Grow Your Own Indoor Garden 

According to the study by the US Department of Agriculture, a family of four spends an average of about $850 per month on groceries. Families could save up to 80percent on groceries by growing their crops at home. OGarden allows people in the city to build ninety types of plants simultaneously. It has a regulated automatic lighting and watering system that you could put on autopilot. You can expect a full harvest in a month. The indoor garden can grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables in a controlled environment. A 120 LED in the middle of the growing wheel provides ‘sunlight’ for the plants. 

If you can’t wait for warmer weather to start gardening, fear not. Indoor gardening is an excellent way to save money and get a head start on your summer garden. It only takes about three weeks for the plants to sprout before the young plants are ripe to be transferred to the rotating growing wheel. Therefore users need to place the seeds in the seed cups along with soil and fertilizer.

Automate Low Energy Consumption LEDs

According to Gartner Inc., smart LED lighting can reduce energy costs by as much as 90 percent in industrial installations and office buildings. World cities have begun investing in this energy-saving solution that will help regulate safety, data, and the environment. 

OGarden Smart’s LEDs simulate the perfect and right amount of sunlight that your product requires to thrive and will turn on and off for convenience and energy preservation automatically. Best of all, the LED lighting only takes about 120watts of power which, in comparison, is about two incandescent light bulbs.

Cultivate 100% Organic Environment at a Fraction of the Cost

With OGarden, you can find fully grown, pesticide-free veggies for as low as $0.45! By producing your herbs, vegetables, and fruits directly at home, you know the quality of the water, air, and environment they grow in. The peace of mind and heart that usually accompanies the knowledge that your fresh produce is increasing in 100% organic environment is fantastic! Seed pods are typically made with organic soil and feed your plants with organic fertilizer so that you only get the best for your plants and your body. 

Additionally, OGarden will automatically adjust watering for you to optimize growth- you only need to check your water tank once a week and watch your garden grow. You will also be able to eliminate food waste by being ready to harvest food when you need it. OGarden cup of seeds is vital. It is made with organic soil and fed with the organic fertilizer it needs, creating the perfect environment for plant growth. OGarden is genuinely the best way to eat produce grown in a 100% biological environment at a fraction of the cost.

OGarden has led the vision of a marvelous world that is ecologically closer to nature. It has worked smart to find an innovative solution. Ogarden has seen it, and their goal is to bring more autonomy to the people, eliminating inefficiencies and excessive expenditures by growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs right from your living room. The lifetime choice!

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