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Nicky Scorpio the artist

Nicky Scorpio loves art, expression, and storytelling. Culture and expression are the greatest gifts we have to share. He has always been a seeker and a storyteller and it was recently where he realized he needed to share his story. Behind the image is a multi-faceted complex individual.

Nicky grew up in a very unique environment. Being raised in an LGBTQ+ home and being taught about acceptance, social justice, and looking for the good in everyone, it was a shock stepping outside and seeing a very different world. On top of seeing drugs, violence, and prejudice, at a young age, Nicky learned about death, losing his father to AIDS, divorce, and what it’s like to feel like an outsider.

It would be in high school where he experienced bullying from the rich kids and learned not everyone was accepting of his upbringing that leads Nicky to fall into depression. This is where Nicky’s story would begin. His unique perspective allowed him to see the best in everyone and to use his voice and perspective as a storyteller to share and promote healing. Nicky soon learned all of these events and traumatic experiences would help him see the goodness in people and encourage others to celebrate being unique.

Nicky’s goal with music and art is to remove titles that divide people and to create conversations and art that promotes love, ethics, morals, and values for everyone.

Nicky believes that everyone should have a seat at the table and should have a fair chance to know how powerful they are naturally

Singer, songwriter, and producer and Nicky Scorpio have released a new song titled Irregular. The self-produced song is an anthem for people who feel unloved, unheard, and unwanted.
Nicky‘s goal with his music is to not only inspire people but also to help them navigate through difficult times and to celebrate life.
Nicky Scorpio‘s message is far bigger than music. So what is Nicky’s message? In his own words: “This is wake-up music. This is a message for people to love themselves fiercely and to unite and have difficult conversations to understand people. Part of being IRREGULAR is understanding how powerful we are in ways we were never taught.
Pain is hard to deal with, but it’s the pain that helps us grow. We are all intuitive beings, but we don’t learn this growing up.
It’s my belief that music can inspire people to be different and to raise up their voices instead of holding them inside.
There are too many people with real problems and real issues and social media has taught us to hate ourselves and compare ourselves and to live up to impossible expectations. We are taught to be quiet about our mental health and depression and things that connect all of us. We are shamed for being different and people are tired and exhausted and feeling guilty about who they are and it’s time for unity. I make music for people who know our system is broken and are up to fixing it and letting go of the anger and hate”.

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