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New York City Media Expert Emerges as the Undefeated in the Miss Jetset Competition

Miss Jetset quarter-finalist Liana Zavo is setting exemplary examples by not making failures affect her. She is not new to the spotlight of the glam world. She was the proud quarter-finalist of the prestigious Miss Jetset competition for 2020 and she has utilized her position and the platform to spread her inspiration across thousands of women through her groundbreaking conversations that help uplift their perspectives about life and career as a mentor. Her show highlights the significance of failure and how everyone should learn from it instead of feeling defeated. She herself has used the primary example of failure in her career when she did not end up winning the title of Miss Jetset against hundreds of other contestants. She came second in the quarter-finals which resulted in not getting the winning prize of fifty thousand dollars and it was a journey for her to come to terms with it.
Liano Zavo is an advocate and activist for the next generation of female entrepreneurs by spotlighting the C-level executives on her show WMW (What Makes A Woman) Podcast. Her emerging platform WMW Lounge is home of empowerment to all women that she mentors, recruits and educates, she will be able to educate on how to build successful businesses. Women on her podcast all share their tips and tricks on how to start and run multi-million dollar companies. The sole objective of her platform is to put together mentors from various walks of life and mentor participants from various backgrounds, high schools, orphanages, and fresher in colleges and provide them with a voice for themselves within and beyond the community.
2019 has been one of the best years for Liana Zavo. She emerged as the proud founder and president of a full-service media agency, ZavoMedia that serves female entrepreneurs. On the other hand, she launched the dynamic podcast of WMW (What Makes A Woman) that features all seasoned female entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom and knowledge on the art of handling a business and how to consolidate confidence into a progressive flow. She has been an active mentor and influencer for girls and young women across spectrums through her social media handles, guiding and mentoring them to attain what they are looking for in life.
Liana has also faced and handled her failures in life and asked the audience to support during the Miss Jetset journey. She realized that winning the title may not be in her hands but she did not shy away from believing in herself and her abilities to help and inspire women through her podcast. According to her wise words, failure in life is inevitable and it marks the beginning of a journey even more glorious and promising. With the attributes of an activist and as an advocate and influencer for young women around the states, her objectives lie in uplifting their hopes and belief through the virtues of storytelling. She may not have won the title of Miss Jetset but it never reflected any negative effect on her in her journey of spreading awareness across the next generation and how failure is indispensable to realize one’s abilities and capabilities in life.
Liana also looked for financial aid to fund her academic liabilities and also wanted to be on the cover of a magazine. However, none of them worked out as expected but she won in the end as she walked away with many women who believed in her mission, aims, and dreams. Liana is just like anyone of us jumbling life and career as a mother to her teenage son along with being a dynamic advocate and activist. Her work is exemplary that is still building a strong empire of hard-working women from various cultural and career backgrounds. She has submerged herself in working for the new generation that will give rise to an array of female entrepreneurs and examples of female empowerment. She is working towards bringing mental health to the center-stage so that no one ever has to succumb to its evil grasps.
For all those who are affected by failure and disappointments in life and are tied in dilemmas regarding the next step, Liana asks each one of them to advocate for themselves. Failure is just the start of something extraordinary. Accepting one’s flaws and failures is what it is and always learning from your experiences will take you a long way. The light is always glistening at the end of it all; just finding the things worth believing in will get you to your closure.

Liana Zavo a millennial expert and public relations strategist specializing in personal branding for the past seven years working in media and marketing. She has been dedicated to actively build personal brands from the ground up. Liana is the founder and CEO of her full service media company, ZavoMedia serving entrepreneurs, experts and authors. As a full service media company, ZavoMedia specializes in digital marketing, public relations, google ads, personal branding, and in developing influencer marketing campaigns to jumpstart emerging brands. Liana‘s mission is to target the right demographic for small brands by placing them on her groundbreaking podcast, What Makes A Woman. A successful platform for entrepreneurs to network and serve as mentors. Her massive platform consist of empowered women, who challenge the status quote, teach the next generation how to run successful startups and spotlighting groundbreaking entrepreneurs on her weekly show. Since, launching her mega platform last year, there are 20,000 downloads with 5,200 subscribers supporting the show on all major platforms.

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