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Naushad Raiz – DeFi is About to Change The World


At 21, he has an impressive career path. Naushad began his journey as an entrepreneur as a teenager. Over time he gained knowledge and experience in mobile applications and Cryptocurrency.

In addition, he is an accredited investor and invests in a variety of products and businesses. Naushad talks about his vision of Crypto World.

How do you see the blockchain market today?

For me blockchain is a technology, and technologies come and go but the thing with technology is that it grows exponentially, so I see tremendous progress. Most industries can only grow 30 to 40% per year, but technology grows 100-1000% in the same year. I have not seen this in any other industry, especially blockchain.

What do you think of cryptocurrencies in India

This is going to change the world, it is going to change the way business is going to be done and for me that is very exciting. I feel like there is finally a way to empower the average person in Latin America, India, and Africa. The countries of these continents will have the maximum benefit because they are developing nations, hungry for success, and when you have this and a way to empower them, everything turns out great.

What advice would you give to the young entrepreneurs out there

You must continue despite all failure because you are going to have many setbacks and obstacles. Many times things will not be in your favor. I think that, as an entrepreneur, you define the ability to keep going and how persistent you can be. Another tip would be to have vision; The bigger you can dream, the greater your success will be, and even if your dream doesn’t come true, you will have victories in the process. You have to aim for the moon, maybe you won’t get it, but you will get some stars so that’s the way.

Naushad Raiz, entrepreneur and Crypto Investor.

He was born on August 9th, 2000, in Bangalore, India. He is a mobile app developer and recognized investor in Crypto.

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