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Natalia Moon Live Stream is an international sensation

Natalia Moon’s Bedroom Party blows up internationally

Natalia Moon's Bedroom Party

Natalia Moon’s Bedroom Party

Natalia Moon Live stream is an international sensation which is one of the most entertaining online live streams to date. Especially during times of sadness and boredom due to the COVID-19 outbreak, she has created something very unique that inspires others and entertains them globally. We asked her why she does this and what her motives were. Natalia said “I don’t really have a motive, I just want my fans to have some fun and spread some positivity since I know a lot of people could use it right now”. It’s a tough time but with DJs and Artists like Natalia, there still lies some hope and positivity when we join her live streams.

What a Fan Said About The Party

We reached out to a fan of Natalia Moon’s Bedroom Party to get some insight on his experience, and why he decided to participate. He said “I love listening to her mixes and her DJing. It’s a whole experience compared to all these other Djs. She puts heart and passion into her mixes and it really shows…[ I ] can’t wait for the next one!” Many fans were chatting and talking with each other as the enjoyed the experience together. This brought a fun twist to it were others could connect all over the world.

Whats Next For Natalia Moon?

Our team got some insight on what to prepare for in the future. She let us know that there will be live game shows hosted by Natalia Moon and the contestants could be you! All you need to do is DM her on her instagram @NataliaMoonOfficial and she will select multiple contestants each show. See you soon on the Natalia Moon Live Stream Bedroom Part!

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