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Youth Icon of the nation MUDIT PATHAK aka ARTISTIC_YOGI,
Stepping in as PRODUCER of newly Launching Song KHWAISH.
Khwaish is a song which is based on MUDIT PATHAK’S Dream Book “KHWAISH”, True One sided love story of a CHANGEMAKER, “Mudit Pathak “.

Get ready to update your monsoon playlist as #khwaish is coming your way to fill you with immense love…

Here, we officially announce the first look of our upcoming song Khwaish in association with Clue Drink and Zitara.

Featuring:- Gaurav Purohit and Daksha Sonkhia

Supporting Cast:- Ritu Rana, Aditi Khandelwal, Aditya Singh and Mudit Pathak

Singer and Lyricist:- Gaurav Purohit and Abhishek Bhardwaj

Composed by :- Gaurav Purohit and Abhishek Bhardwaj

Mix and Master by:-Vijay Jeswani

Music production:- Vijay jeswani

Song arrangement:- Gaurav Purohit, Abhishek Bhardwaj and Vijay Jeswani

Song recorded at:- VR Studios

Produced by:- Mudit Pathak

Story:- Mudit Pathak

Directed by:- Prince Jadon
DOP:- Rakshit Pujari, Yash Soni
Edited by:- Gourav Mehra

Project Management by:- Surbhi Singhal

Marketed by:- ManMarziyan

To Watch the Music Album subscribe the YouTube channel:-

Follow Mudit Pathak on Instagram to know much more about him:-

“Bring the change in yourself so that you can bring the change in this world “, a quote which he always follow. He always try to think out of the box, with entrepreneural mindset & coming out of his comfort zone and creating his own legacy.
He got inspiration from his grandfather to do something different in my life.

So when he was in his first year, he did two internship under UIDAI government of India, GAIL government of India,

After that in second year he established his own event management company by the name of PLAN_IT_4U, registered under government of India, which is India’s first event management company to have only youths in it, he says “we have worked with naziruddin Shah, punkaj Kapoor, geeta dutta, reality show fame celebrity etc. The mission vision behind this firm is to provide part time jobs and internship to all the college going youths to get them in touch with the corporate world and help them become financial independent and learn practical things. With this we have impacted 1000+ youths have a team of 100+ interns under us which keep on fluctuating”.

Then he established ARTISTIC_BYNATURE, India’s first and biggest artistic community to support, appreciate, promote, motivate, inspire artists, With this organization he has  done 1000+ events nationally & internationally helping artists, he has organized worlds first Instagram live session on world dance day with 15+ dancers through this organization.

He also has organized India’s largest talent hunt event in this lockdown. The mission vision of this community is to empower artists as in this globalization society, parents don’t support art  and artist and want their children to be a career moule so we support, appreciate, motivate and help all those aspiring artists and help them to pursue art as their passion, profession.till date he has impacted 10,000+ artists across the nation.

Then he established THEYOGI_GANG ( YOGI:- YOUTH OF GLOBAL INDIA) which is India’s biggest youth empowering community to help youths to get practical aspects of life, he gives seminars, session and workshops in different school & college to spread practical knowledge and to give the youths a practical mindset.  Our mission vision is to empower youths, help them to be with entrepreneural mindset, get the youths to develop, learn practical skills knowledge for example ENTREPRENEURSHIP, PERIOD EDUCATION, SEX EDUCATION, MENSTRUAL HYGIENE etc not being just a career moule, not just running after jobs but creating jobs. Being employers not just employees.

In this lockdown he has organized worlds first 2 days Instagram live session by the name of #changemakers with 15+ speakers from all across the world.

He also has a chapter under PERIOD movement, to spread awareness regarding period education in the country.


He organized #DILSEDILTAK event on Valentines day with various events like poetry,  shayari,  debate, meme making etc.

He helps youths to start their own organization, venture, initiative & foundation.

Then he established BHARAT_GIRLUP an initiative under UNITED NATIONS FOUNDATION along with  PRANJUL TYAGI, who is his constant motivation & inspiration , He organize different campaigns for spreading awareness,regarding women empowering equality at large. Working for equal rights of women, men and Lgbtq community people.

They have organized India’s largest online debate competition by the name of VAKTAVYA Which was an international event.


We organized BBC, BHARAT BANEGA CHAMPION GRAND QUIZ event on 26th January

We also organized various other talent hunts to spread awareness.

We have released a magazine for spreading awareness regarding the same.

He go to different events as celebrity anchor, emcee.

He go for judging events nationally and internationally.

He go as a chief guest in different nationally and internationally platforms

He go as guest speaker in different platforms nationally and internationally

His stories are published in various online media platforms across all the social media platforms, google, YouTube,Instagram, magazines etc.

He is an occasional poet, accidental author, dancer, choreographer, lyricist, debator, orator, motivational speaker, cause artist, Producer

He is a history creator and he is  building his own unique path for himself

Have done internships under 30+ organizations, firms, startups, NGOS

Have volunteered under REX IDEAS FOR CHANGE award ceremony in Noida.

His mission vision of life:- doing things for the betterment of the society, country at large

Now he helps youths to start their own organization,  venture, initiative. He has successfully helped some of the organizations like I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU, KAVACH- THE MENTAL HEALTH,  LEGATORUM MUN,

He is the President of THE HEALTH CAVE

In his journey have faced various failures, having no support from family, no support from school, college having facing issues in his personal life, tried committing suicide twice in his class 12th because of depression but down the line these things inspired, motivated me to be the best version of myself.

He is the author of the book KHWAISH, A true one sided love story of his own, which is very first of its kind in the country.

He is a Producer as well, he Has produced a Music Album by the name of KHWAISH, on the story line of the book itself. He Is also one of the Supporting Cast in the album.

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