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Meet the Team Behind MonYoument and Its Incredible Story

One sure thing about life is that there will always be situations to get into and out of. The only problem is that when the situation is bad, it is not always a guarantee that the victim will get out. 


This then introduces the other sure thing about life – we all need a helping hand sometimes, if not most of the times. 


So, what if you had this one person you know could help you make the best out of life, show you how to be free, how to reach for your dreams, and still offer to walk with you every step of the way? Wouldn’t that be great? 


That is exactly what MonYoument is about – helping you get out of your unhealthy comfort zone and into freedom. 

MonYoument: What It Is, and the Team Behind Its Creation


When David Preiß and Wolfgang Konrad came together to form MonYoument, they had one thing in mind. Driven by the passion to change the world, these two men set out to help the people around them get out of their comfort zones by living a meaningful life. They both ventured into an industry seemingly flooded, but it is their uniqueness that set them apart. 


Today, Preiß and Konrad are leveraging social media platforms to reach out to as many people with the message of positivity and readiness for life as it was meant to be. As the name goes, the MonYoument movement is about making a monumental impact on the lives of all people.

Helping others choose between security and freedom


More often than not, we find ourselves in situations we didn’t solicit for in the first place. It could be the wrong job, an unhealthy relationship, personal struggles with mental, physical or emotional health, and so much more. Without even noticing it, we may get stuck in these situations with no one to pull us out. If you are in such a situation, it is at this point in your life that MonYoument comes in


MonYoument Has Made It It’s Business to Help People Who Are ‘Stuck’ Somewhere in Life. 


By providing awareness and knowledge through public speaking sessions, the MonYoument team can equip people with the necessary information they need to make pivotal decisions in their lives. One such decision that the team says it focuses on is the choice to either value security in everyday life or freedom. Preiß says, “We invite professional speakers that talk about one particular aspect of life to help our audience understand their own value systems.”

How MonYoument Serves as a Bridge to Your Dreams


Preiß and Konrad founded MonYoument on one major foundation. This is what Konrad says it. “Whether it‘s about changing their lives, making an important decision for their family or other important decisions, as soon as people are aware of their values, they can take responsibility of their own lives, which sets them free.”


In summation, As Paul Valery once said, “The only way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” While we all know this is true, it is unfortunate that we don’t always wake up to tend to our dreams. MonYoument stands as an alarm clock to wake you up and get you going after your dreams. 



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