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Monir Islam and his Relentless Pursuit of Success.

Monir Islam, a young entrepreneur who transformed his life just by relentlessly following his dreams. After years of struggles in vain, his journey has only just begun in the business world, but he has been able to achieve massive success despite being so young. It’s not easy to give up a substantial salaried job to take on this venture, but he is not looking back or planning to stop any time soon.

“Entrepreneurial journey doesn’t get easier, but it surely does get better. You should be ready to invest the time and efforts to enjoy the fruit of it.”

Just like any commoner would, Monir did take up odd jobs from being a newspaper delivery boy, waited at restaurants to even driving taxis, and even a short stint at retail stores to name a few. But there was a moment when he suddenly found clarity of purpose and a vision to pursue. He had the chance to attend an entrepreneurship gathering; after listening to a bunch of speakers and their stories, he decided that he wanted to be just like one of them up in the stage telling his story. With an entrepreneurial spirit and an attitude towards ‘bringing change’ helped him pursue his dreams. It was a scary time to plunge headfirst in the world of a self-starting entrepreneur, but it all worked out for the best.

“I choose to be outside my comfort zone because I knew I needed to learn a lot and put myself in an atmosphere that will allow me to grow!”

Everything we ever wanted in life is always one step outside our comfort zone. Monir recounts a time when he always anticipated obstacles whenever he did something different. The concept of success, according to him, is straightforward. If you want something in life that you have never had, then you will have to do something that you have never done before. Attempting to do something out of the ordinary isn’t east. He did have skulking thoughts about self-confidence, fear of failure and more. But that did not stop him from becoming someone that he’s today. For everybody who’s out there starting a new journey, Monir has a piece of advice, ‘If you can stay excited for long enough towards a single plan you will be successful, as most people lose excitement too soon and simply quit’.


“Every day, I get to live my dream; practice my passion for helping other people change their lives for the better.”

If you can dream, you can do it. Monir’s flagship venture is an artificial intelligence-based digital product that can transform people’s lives. With an undeniable idea for a product, right attitude along with the proper support from his brothers and co-founders Moyn Islam and Ehsaan B. IslamBE is indeed a dream come true. Through BEMonir and his brothers get to live their passion that not only empowers every individual but also enables them to experience much success.

The success story of Monir and his brothers got the much-deserved attention from well-known magazines like Forbes and The Silicon Review, to name a few. Monir is now the Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of multiple business ventures worth millions of dollars. In his own words, ‘No rich parents, no handouts, and no favors. It was all just hustle, all day and every day’.

There’s no stopping this young entrepreneur, and he trailblazing in the field of digital technology and artificial intelligence.

To visit Monir Islam’s official Instagram account, click here. For more information about BE, click here.

Pratulya Sharma is Well Known PR specialist, Working in Digital Marketing form last 3 Years. Google Featured as " Asia's Youngest Digital Entrepreneur". Pratulya is Founder of Social Consult, a leading Digital Marketing agency in Asia.

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