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Monica Matthias: Humble & adaptable leader

Monica Matthias

Monica Matthias

For a go-getter, risk-taker and quick learner like Monica, making the switch to real estate industry after an 8-year stint across multi-national banks like Citibank, HSBC and Societe Generale seemed relatively smooth. Armed with an MBA from XIMB and dual credits in finance and marketing, numbers were always her first love, but the thrill of working towards customer insights and fashioning a marketing response in return is what fascinated her always and prompted her to join mid-size developer Hoysala Projects in the year 2010 as a director.

Monica found the call of growing a small, boot-strapped company to be a siren call. “The challenges were real, from not knowing the local by-laws, the local language to industry networking, but the opportunity to create and deliver a project was too big and exciting to be overlooked,” says the beaming 42-year-old, who very meticulously planned her career moves. Coming from a highly educated family with a bias for corporate employment, she somehow consciously bucked the trend!

Understanding the nuances of a new industry requires one to bring to the table a mix of agility, rapid learning and the ability to iterate quickly from mistakes. And over and above this, one needs a good mentor. Here Monica gives credit to Hoysala’s promoter
T S Sateesh, whose hand-holding according to her made a world of a difference. Monica’s humble and adaptable nature, coupled with her leadership qualities contributed immensely to the growth of Hoysala and resulted in 17 X growth in the company in a very short span of time.

So, what have been the reasons for her resounding success?

“While success is always a moving yardstick, I feel that my ability to singularly envision the bigger picture and work towards a lodestar goal, has been my strongest asset. And in doing so, I have developed complementary qualities like resilience and the ability to take calibrated risks. This quality to envision the desired outcome, is equally useful in how we craft our relationships not just at work but also with friends, social work, personal relationships and professional acquaintances,” says the dynamic trailblazer.

The risk – taker and visionary that she is, she is already thinking far ahead into the future about carving a path in this tech dominated world. “Having made 2 pivots in my career already from banking to real estate development, my future interests will definitely include the application of tech in touching consumer lives. I thrive on growing businesses to scale and I am certain, the way ahead for this will be a cornerstone of technology, customer -centricity and social relevance,” she says confidently.

Monica also believes in social responsibility. She loves nature and is working towards that cause. For the past one year, she has been actively involved in the rejuvenation of a major river that flows through 3 states in South India. “We are working on multiple themes around sustainable rejuvenation- such as afforestation of the river basin, development of the village communities and their economic livelihood linked to the environment,” she apprises.

On the personal front, her stress busters are her 2 fraternal twins who, as she fondly says “teach me something new every day.” She also believes in mindfully creating an eco-system of other external support and resources who can support in her professional journey like ex-colleagues, alumni networks, old professional contacts and robust domestic system. And this raring-to-go professional wants to travel extensively in South America when the world opens up again!

Founder of Wewhost ( and Zooxper Media & Marketing, two specialized web hosting and marketing firms.

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