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Mili Patel says that every organization should have motivation sessions for a positive work environment.

Mili Patel the Marketing head of Okbronetwork fells that it has become very important for everyone to speak about their mental and emotional health and as the situation are arising in todays world with tough competition where achieving goals have become difficult it is normal to fell low and not be ok sometimes but it is very important to speak openly about the same.

Mili Patel & Vinay Singh
(Team Dpiff & Okbronetwork)

During the interview she says”In the competitive environment in which we all are working be it students employees, entrepreneurs,artists etc it has become difficult to achive our goals which may make some of us fell like our lives are not ok which is normal but we all need to speak up for ourself and understand that it is ok to not be ok sometimes and i personally also fell that to cope up with this problem every organization should conduct motivational session to create a positive environment for everyone. ”

Okbronetwork has comeup with motivational sessions every week for thier employees to have a positive and a healty working environment for everyone.

In-short About Mili Patel :

Mili Patel

Mili Patel the young entrepreneur handels Marketing of DPIFF, Okbronetworks and 9th elements company who all are leading company in marketing services is planning to starup with celebrity management and takes his dream to another level. She has been spoted with number of celebrities at his award function DPIFF.

This young entrepreneur seem too have a good bonding with Ritesh deshmukh, Guru randhawa, Manish paul and many more celebrities. As okbronetwork, 9th elements, DPIFF is expanding itself at a large level. Mili patel is working way to hard for the development of his digital marketing company and adding on many more sectore of events and celebrity management services to it.

As we all are aware of the outbreak of the corona virus (COVID -19) and lockdown in the nation affecting the working of all the companies world wide.She worked with many more company and help them for fund raising for their events. Started working with Vinay Singh & Shlok Nair for her upcoming events & ventures.

Mili patel says its a tough time for growing companies like Okbronetwork & DPIFF too as the entire team is best managing the company at work from home as the safty of employees stands the first priority to Okbrodigital that is now Okbronetwork & DPIFF.

Connect With Mili Patel :

Entrepreneur, media junkie and most importantly a creative enthusiast who is always hungry for more. Writing, editing and expressing in words is an art that comes naturally. Editor in chief : Okbronetwork.

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